Jonsered 22 HP Briggs & Stratton Tractor Review

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Lawn maintenance can seem like a significant hassle, especially if you don’t have the right tools and equipment to make it easier.

One such equipment that is a must-have is a lawn tractor, as it can go a long way in helping you mow the grass conveniently. But the biggest problem crops up when you need to select the best one out of hundreds of available tractors.

Today, I have reviewed the Jonsered YT46 Briggs & Stratton Tractor for you. Read on to know why I am convinced that this is the best tractor.

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Jonsered Lawn Tractor Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

jonsered riding mower reviewsAs with any outdoor equipment, you can only know its true worth after putting it to use time and again, and that’s precisely what I did with the YT46 tractor. After using it for over two months, I found the following aspects of it to be praiseworthy!

Ergonomic Design

Everything about this tractor screams “ease of use.” That’s how ergonomically it is designed, be it the comfortable steering wheel or the thoughtful inclusion of a cup holder. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the designers at Jonsered spent considerable time building the YT46.

Irrespective of how you want to use it, this tractor doesn’t fail to impress. I especially liked the Cruise Control function that allows me to rest my foot during long mowing sessions, while the tractor continues at an even speed. And the spring-assisted deck lift system facilitates quick and convenient cutting height adjustment.

Powerful Engine

Perhaps the best thing about the YT46 is its top-notch two-cylinder engine. The 724 cc V-Twin Engine comes with a 3-year warranty and packs a powerful punch! Furthermore, the Air Induction mowing technology helps improve the airflow within the deck to ensure a consistent, clean cut every time.

You will rarely find a better engine in a lawn tractor. The YT46’s engine features an advanced debris management system, a mechanical compression release, and full-pressure lubrication. You can rest assured that the engine will start reliably and not cause problems, thanks to these features!

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Buying a tractor requires shelling out a considerable amount of money. Nobody wants to buy an expensive product that won’t last for a long time. Fortunately, the Jonsered YT46 tractor meets the highest benchmarks for durability and longevity, so you will get your money’s worth by using it for years to come.

The cutting deck comes equipped with anti-scalp wheels for secure grass-cutting on uneven lawns. The cast front axle is also quite heavy, providing unmatched durability and stability. If that wasn’t enough, Jonsered went ahead and added steel reinforcement to the mowing deck for additional impact protection.


The YT46, like all other Jonsered tractors, features hydrostatic transmission. This allows you to quickly and smoothly transition between variable forward and reverse speeds. Moreover, you can equip your tractor with a wide array of towable accessories or a mulch kit, if you are looking for effective lawn fertilization.

Although it is versatile, I recommend using it for large residential yards that do not have a lot of shrubs or trees for the best results. With its impressive cutting width of 46 inches, you will not have to worry about spending more time than you should.

What could’ve been better?

Even after using it for over two months, I couldn’t find anything wrong with this tractor. That’s until I took it for a long lawn mowing session to my neighbor’s house. It took over three hours to mow the lawn, and I could feel slight discomfort towards the end because of the seat.

It is not too bad, to say the least, but it should have come with a better seat for its price.


  • Conveniently-placed cup holder
  • Cruise control ensures an even speed even when you rest your foot
  • Ergonomically designed steering wheel
  • Simplified cutting height adjustment through a spring-assisted deck lift system
  • Powerful two-cylinder engine ensures long-lasting performance
  • Cutting deck equipped with anti-scalp wheels for uneven lawns


  • The seat gets uncomfortable after a while


It is quite evident that the YT46 Tractor from Jonsered is the best option you can find out there. That’s because its win-win features significantly outweigh its downside of a less-than-optimal seat.

I have used almost half a dozen tractors before the YT46, and it is at the top of my list. And I’m sure your experience using it will also be excellent.

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