Snapper Zero Turn Reviews 2019 – 24 HP Riding Mower

It’s hard to find a compact mower that’s powerful enough to tackle a lawn bigger than the average size.

And the difficulty only increases when you want it to maneuver around small static obstacles like small flower fields and shrubs.

If you too are looking for a compact mower, but just cannot find the right one, you’ll be glad to know I faced the same dilemma.

It was when the neighbors hired us to trim their 1-acre backyard. They had set up a beautiful tomato trellis garden, and I couldn’t see how to navigate around them and get the job done in time.

But I had a certain mower in mind which I wanted to try, and am glad that I did. The Snapper 24 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower I found to my delight to be the perfect fit for the job.

But will it also be suitable for your needs? Let’s revisit my experience and see if we can find that out.

Snapper Zero Turn Mower Reviews 2019: Will it be your choice as well?

From more power to more efficiency and versatility, the Snapper 24 HP mower was a delightful experience from the get-go. I found it to be highly mobile with easy to maneuver cutting features which can be further adjusted and customized.

Small yet powerful

snapper zero turn reviewsDo not be fooled by the Snapper mower’s demeanor; this little devil can pack quite a punch. And in my opinion, this zero turn mower is perhaps the fastest in the market.

While zooming around the trellises, I clocked a maximum of 7 mph in the forward driving mode and 5 mph in reverse.

This was only possible, as the mower features a 724cc Pro Series V-Twin OHV engine which is complemented by an equally ingenious full pressure lube system that has a spin-on filter. That, in turn, generates 27-horsepower, allowing the engine to provide enough power to the mower to reach that speed.

The additional power makes the mower suitable for not just small and medium yards but a 2-acre large spread as well.

Get the job done in half the time

The Snapper mower can help you achieve any deadline you please. And with its extreme efficiency and compact build, you cannot go wrong if you wish to choose it for both professional and domestic use.

The zero turn ability of the mower allowed me to control each wheel individually. This made moving around the trees and trellis beds quite simple. Additionally, with the aid of the 52-inch wide deck and a 3-blade mechanism, I got a large cutting surface that significantly improved my mowing performance.

Customizable with high versatility

What is a backyard garden mower if you’re not able to customize it to your needs? Whether I preferred to mulch, discharge, or collect the grass into a bag, this riding mower allowed me to use my own style of cutting whenever I wanted.

And what was amazing was that when the neighbors asked me to cut differently around specific trellis beds, I found it quite easy to adjust to their needs.

Varying from 1.5 to 4.5 inches, the Snapper gave me great versatility when it came to cutting heights. The heavy-duty pneumatic wheels present in the mower has seven adjustable cutting heights which I found to be suitable for all types of grass.

And for more convenience, the cutting heights can be easily adjusted with the help of a single lever which is placed adjacent to the seat.

Save money in the long run

Though an expensive gardening tool when compared to other mowers of its class, the Snapper 24HP helps you save up in different ways. What I found to be quite unique to this mower is how fuel efficient it was.

The mower is provided with an Electric Fuel Management system that continually monitors the engine. It periodically maintains the speed, temperature as well as the time to regulate the air and fuel mixture to improve fuel efficiency. You will be able to save up a lot in the long run.

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A few things I thought Snapper could improve on

Well, we can’t always have the greenest grass. The Snapper mower failed to impress me in just a few areas:

  • The Snapper 24 HP is much more expensive than mowers which belong to the same category.
  • The mower is pretty robust and durable, but it needs a lot of maintenance. If you’re able to do it yourself, then so much the better. But otherwise, it is another cost you will have to sustain.
  • Sure it’s great to be able to control each wheel separately, but the zero turn feature decreases the traction and stability of the mower especially in sloped, bumpy or wet terrain.
  • Customer service was not as good as I initially expected.

  • Zero turn feature allows for a much more mobile mowing experience
  • Electric Fuel Management system helps in cutting down on fuel consumption, hence fueling cost
  • 1.5-4.5 inches of adjustable cutting heights


  • Very expensive
  • Zero turn feature decreases the traction and stability of the mower

Frequent questions I get asked about the Snapper 24 HP

Will the Snapper 24 HP allow me to mow in reverse?

Yes! With the help of the 724cc Pro Series V-Twin OHV engine, you will be able to go as fast as 7 mph in the forward driving mode and 5 mph in reverse.

Will the Snapper 24 HP arrive at my front door fully assembled?

That is a yes. When it reached my doorsteps, it was almost fully assembled apart from the handlebars, which just takes a few moments to attach.

Can I mulch with this mower?

Whether you prefer to mulch or collect the grass in a bag, you’ll be able to do it all.


When it comes to efficiency and maneuverability, the Snapper 24 HP Zero Turn Riding Mower has all its competition beat. Even with all its cons, its advantages are capable of trumping all criticism.

For professionals or just home backyard enthusiasts, if you don’t mind the cost, then this mower comes highly recommended from my side.

I hope you enjoyed my mower review today and found it helpful when choosing the right mower for your needs.

Till next time!

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