Yardmax 22 Snowblower Review 2020

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With each passing year, the winters seem to be getting harsher.

I don’t quite know the reason behind this, but being a passionate gardener, I understand how it feels to see your precious lawns wholly submerged in ice.

This is why today, I have brought you the all-powerful Yardmax YB5765. All my employees prefer this model from Yardmax when blizzards and snowstorms become the order of the day.

But what’s so special about this blower? Let’s find out.

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Yardmax 2 Stage Snow Blower 22 in Review 2020: Why buy this product?

yardmax snowblower reviewsI’d sum up my experience with the Yardmax YB5765 as harmony amongst power, speed, and control. In the subsequent paragraphs, I will explain all the how’s, why’s, and what’s. But in my rich and varied experience of lawn care, rarely have I come across such a versatile device.

High-power Engine

First, it comes with a powerful Yardmax 196 cc engine of 6.5 HP. The performance of a suitable snowblower depends mostly on the power of a machine, as that’s what drives the augers and blades to move the thickest of snow.

The engine comes with an intake depth of 16 inches, making it capable to budge all the fluffs and crusts that are usually quite difficult to move. Furthermore, the maximum clearing width of the machine is 22 inches, and that gives me a lot of areas to clear all at once. So, it goes without saying that it’s a huge time-saver!

A perfect fusion of practicality & engineering

I guess you have a fair idea about the capacity of the engine by now. So, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty of the working procedures of the blower.

Well, the blower comes with a recoil start, so all you have to do is press the switch and pull the cord to start the device. The 9.5” serrated augers and 10” impellers are all made of high-grade stainless steel that possesses immense strength to remove even the deepest snow quite easily.

Moreover, once the augers and impellers cut through the snow, it is passed into the solid steel discharge chute. This is equipped to throw the collected snow at great distances and also minimize blowback chances. As the entire setup is made of premium stainless steel, I had little to complain about the overall durability of the product.

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yardmax 22 snowblower reviewThe next point that comes to mind about the benefits of Yardmax YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower is convenience. While the discharge chute works fine, its functions are further enhanced by the steel crank as it helps rotate the chute to up to 180 degrees. I expect this feature to be loved by homeowners as they get to deflect the ice to large distances and at any desired angle.

Handling and moving the device is also easy, owing to the ideal distribution of weight throughout its body. I didn’t feel even for a second that I was moving a 160-pound machine around as the 13 x 4 square inches tires started moving with one simple push.

Control & Speed

One top feature that I wouldn’t like to miss is the superb control of this device. Unlike many blowers available in the market, this model has tires and not tracks. Many 2-stage blowers have the difficulty of turning them around, but with two driving options, single and double wheel, that problem has been somewhat solved with this model.

The double wheel option increases traction over slippery surfaces, while for increased maneuverability, I switch to the single-wheel option. Not only does it help me reach all the tight spaces, I find it extremely comforting to direct the blower in any direction I want.

Finally, the variable speed technology makes the product a complete package of convenience, control, and durability. With five forward speeds and two reverse speeds, the versatility of the blower increases manifold and can cut through the hardest of ice like a cakewalk.

What could have been better?

When every aspect of a machine works equally well, it’s difficult to point out the pitfalls, but I am always in favor of unbiased reviews. The single aspect that bothered me was the recoil start.

As the start is based on a single wire, it might get jammed during extreme cold, and if you don’t practice caution while pulling it, the whole thing may tear apart.


  • Powerful 196 cc engine
  • Double and single wheel option
  • Variable speed technology
  • All-steel body and parts
  • Easily adjustable control crank


  • Recoil start may get jammed in extremely cold temperatures


So, other than practicing caution, I have no other advice to give you about Yardmax YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower. It is a must-buy for those who have a hard time clearing their precious lawns after every severe winter.

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