Best Honda Snowblower Apr 2024

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One of the things I hate about winters is the annoying mounds of snow that gets piled up all over the place!

It’s absolutely horrifying to wake up every morning and see your entire driveway choked up with snow. This is especially true if you happen to live in a place like mine, which averages over 60 inches of snow every year.

Being in the outdoor maintenance business for a long time, I’ve had access to a wide variety of snow blowers to take care of those annoying piles of snow that choke up my driveway and wreak havoc on my lawn.

These machines are pretty amazing when it comes to clearing out large masses of snow in an unbelievably small amount of time.

One of the most recent snow blowers I got was the Honda HS720AA 20″ 187 cc Single-Stage Blower. I’ve used this model extensively during the last winter for both personal and professional use and found it to be extremely effective.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality snow blower, I’d totally recommend checking this model out.

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Honda HS720 Review Apr 2024: Why do I like it?

Here are a few things I liked about this model:

Lots of Power

honda hs720as reviewThe Honda HS720AA 20″ 187 cc Single-Stage is one of the few snow blowers in this price range that is powered by gas. This provides a ton of power, but in the same compact package that you’ll get with most battery-powered snow blowers.

I was astonished at how much power the Honda GC190 OHC Premium Residential Engine could generate. It churned through the thick snow like a hot knife through butter and flung out the chopped up snow almost 35-feet away.

Honda has always been famous for its incredibly powerful and efficient engines, and this one is no different.

I could easily manual start the engine in freezing temperatures, something that a lot of its competitors heavily struggled with. The AS models of this snow blower are also equipped with a 120-volt AC Electric Starter for situations that really need one.

Highly Fuel Efficient

While most other snow blowers I’ve tested in this price range came with the standard 2-stroke engines, this model by Honda comes with its legendary 4-stroke engine. This means you don’t need to mix oil and gas to fire up this beast.

Another major advantage of 4-stroke engines is that they are far more fuel-efficient than 2-stroke engines. This means you’ll be saving quite a lot of money on gas, apart from saving the entire amount you’d otherwise need to invest in the special 2-stroke engine oils.

Quick and efficient at removing snow

The Honda HS720AA comes with a massive snow-clearing power of 1800 lbs/min which is almost the same as a few of the snow blowers that are nearly twice its size!

This model comes with a rugged, durable metal auger which has replaceable rubber paddles, making snow removal extremely fast and efficient. It also features an auger-assist drive which allowed me to drive this thing around with exceptional ease. Just a simple upward pressure on the handle and it starts moving forward.

The massive 20-inch wide clearing path is yet another feature that made this machine so efficient at removing snow. The last time I tested it out, it handled 12 inches of snow with ease.

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What Could Have been better?

While this model has surpassed my expectations in most aspects of performance, it did fall short in two areas:

It struggles to handle hard, icy snow

While testing out this snow blower, I faced quite a lot of problems when I had to clear out hard icy snow from my driveway. The chute got clogged with the ice after only a few minutes of using it on hard ice, apart from facing quite a lot of problems with discharging the ice.

The tires tend to accumulate snow

The design of the tires in this model by Honda isn’t on par with most of its competitors in the market. It tends to accumulate a lot of snow within a few minutes of use, making it quite hard to veer it around on the snowy surface.


  • Has an impressive snow-clearing power of 1800 lbs/min
  • Powerful 187 cc 4-Stroke Honda Engine
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Massive 20-inch wide snow clearing path


  • Tires accumulate a lot of snow
  • Struggles when faced with hard ice

Final Verdict

For the average homeowner, the Honda HS720AA is undoubtedly one of the best models available in the market when it comes to clearing out moderate amounts of snow.

It’s powerful, fuel-efficient and has a wide variety of features that make it extremely convenient for regular use during winters.

Overall, the Honda HS720AA is one of the most value-for-money snow blowers out there in the market!

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