John Deere Zero Turn Mower Reviews Apr 2024 – Z335E 42″ Deck

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In recent times, mowers have grown to be an integral part of all forms of garden care and lawn maintenance.

From trimming grass to creating mulch to boasting zero-turn rider capabilities, the modern mower can do a lot more than just keeping your garden clean.

But out of all the models that have been manufactured in recent times, the one that caught my fancy the most recently is the ZTrak Zero-Turn Rider from John Deere.

Manufactured by a company with a long, illustrious history and years of manufacturing quality to back up its claims, the ZTrack has indeed grown to be one of my favorites for some of my tougher lawn mowing jobs.

Today I’ve brought you a review on a mower which I believe to be a must-have for both professional and domestic garden care enthusiasts alike.

So, keep reading to know why this mower leads me to believe so.

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John Deere Z335E Reviews Apr 2024: What makes it a class apart?

john deere zero turn reviewsNot many garden tool manufacturing companies boast such an illustrious history as that of John Deere. This company was named after its founder who used to be a blacksmith from Illinois but later started to design and create more durable plows that can go through the thick prairie soil of the midwest.

Soon he started manufacturing his creation for the market and made almost 100 plows a year. He later formed a company of his own, which has in recent times become one of the leaders in the field of lawn and garden maintenance.

Their Zero-Turn Rider Z335E is one of the latest additions to their line-up. It comes with a vast array of fantastic features which I absolutely adore.

I got a hold of this mower in one of my recent trimming jobs in Florida, and I must say that this mower did quick work of the thick Florida grass without showing any signs of slowing down.

So, here are some of my thoughts and experiences with this zero-turn rider.

Cuts like a beast

In my experience, full grown Florida grass is one of the toughest vegetations to trim and keep in check. Due to the intermittent rains, the grass grows very fast and any form of growth after seven days makes for a rather difficult mowing job.

So, it’s important to trim the grass every three days. However, the job I had there had to do with a yard that was not maintained for months, and I wouldn’t be lying if I said that it almost looked like a little forest behind the house.

I picked the John Deere Z335E for the grass cutting. As it uses an extremely powerful 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine, it allowed me to go through all that vegetation like it was nothing.

Bumpy surfaces and slopes were also not much of a problem, and I was able to finish my work comfortably much ahead of schedule.

A unique mower deck

In this rider model, John Deere uses something called an “Accel Deep Mower Deck”. This deck is all about speed and precision; it helped me finish my job quicker than usual along with providing an even trim no matter what the original grass length was.

It comes in 42, 48 and 54 inches cutting widths and allowed me to mow at top speed without much hassle.

Moreover, the deck also comes with plastic covers over the deck spindles which can be effortlessly lifted up for easier cleaning and maintenance.

User comfort and control

Apart from providing a generous cutting width, the mower deck has a very comfortable seating arrangement. If you’re planning to go for long mowing jobs then the two armrests, the adjustable front-mounted lever, and the two cup holders will make for a very enjoyable trimming experience.

You’ll not tire out any time soon and neither will the mower’s engine and durable build slow it down after long hours of work.

Additionally, I felt that the control arms were very ergonomic as well, and they were present exactly where I wanted them to be. This granted me superior cutting precision even along the curved barriers that separate the landscape.

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What about John Deere ZTrak Zero-Turn Rider Z335E that disappoints?

john deere z335e reviewsEven though John Deere Z335E is an extremely powerful machine that makes quick work of the toughest lawn jobs, it falls somewhat short of certain expectations in my opinion.

Maneuverability was the primary issue for me when it came to this mower. Even with the zero turn feature, it doesn’t go around field obstacles all that well. So if you have a lot of trees in your yard, going for this mower may not be a wise choice.

The engine and the deck are not all that protected from grass debris. This might be highly inconvenient for many users who hate getting covered in the grass during lawn mowing.

Questions I get asked frequently about the mower

What is the cutting adjustability that I get from this mower?

The mower will allow you to cut between 1-4 inches of varying grass lengths quite easily.

Can I use this mower for mulch?

Yes! You can very easily attach a mulching kit to this mower along with other towable accessories.


  • The powerful engine makes tough trimming jobs look easy
  • Comfortable deck seat with cup holders and armrests
  • Provides a large cutting deck
  • Controls are ergonomic and ideally placed


  • Moving it around ground obstacles is a hassle
  • Grass clippings are not dealt with appropriately

Final Thoughts

Picking the right mower for your lawn can indeed be a very difficult and complicated task. With so many to choose from in the market, we know how confusing it can get. However, John Deere ZTrak is one such model that is versatile enough to fit a variety of user needs, and I am confident that it will be perfect for your yard as well.

I hope you enjoyed my review today.

Till next time!

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