Remington RM2120 Electric Start Single-Stage Gas Snow Thrower Review

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In January 2018, the US saw the heaviest snowfall since the “Storm of the Century” in 1993.

Everything was simply white! My old snowblower was no match for the thick layer of snow that had collected in front of my house.

When my neighbor Kathy suggested me to use Remington RM2120, I was skeptical and had too many questions. But seeing her confidence in it, I gave it a try nonetheless.

And in my fifteen years of lawn care experience, I haven’t come across a more powerful snow thrower, which is this convenient to use. After that day, I have started using it for my company, and my employees just don’t dread heavy snow anymore, all thanks to Kathy.

Today I will tell you in detail about this snow thrower.

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Remington Snow Blower Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

remington snow blower reviewsThe performance of Remington RM2120 is always a couple of notches above the usual single-stage snow blowers available in the market. After using them for over a year now, here are the brilliant features that make me stick to this model no matter what.

Best at its job

The single-stage thrower comes in a compact size and is powered by a 4-cycle 123 cc engine. The powerful engine facilitates the snow-throwing process and can easily clear snowfalls of up to 13 inches in height.

Moreover, its clearing width is 21 inches, and that makes it perfect for homeowners who want to clean their snow-laden pathways, driveways, and backyards without any hassle. The 123 cc engine propels the snow far away from the point of operation, leading to a clear strip of road with minimum chances of slipping and falling. Also, the flexible chute can be rotated up to 190 degrees, and I could change the direction quite easily.

Superb Technology

Well, as I’m involved in the lawn care business, it’s my passion to understand the nitty-gritty of any machine that’s related to my profession. The very first time I used this snow thrower, I wanted to cut it open and see what was it made of!

There is a lot to look at. There are three main aspects of the machine:

  • The E-Z Chute technology: It leads to the incredible flexibility of the thrower to deflect all the piled-up snow to up to 190 degrees. In essence, I can propel the snow in any direction I want.
  • The auger-assisted drives: As I move along clearing the pathway, these drives are responsible for the precise clean up of the strip of the road that I am leaving behind me. They work with the support of the powerful engine to minimize the chances of slipping and deflect the remaining ice.
  • Anti-sliding features: The machine also comprises a reversible polymer shave plate that has a fuel capacity of 2 quarts. This not only ensures snow-clearing at one go but also prevents the sliding of the equipment on slippery, icy surfaces.

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Durability and ease of use

remington 22 179cc two stage gas snow blower reviewI always favor user-friendly machines with optimum features rather than complicated high-end stuff, at least that’s my choice with snow-throwers. The Remington RM2120, with all its features, fares well in this category.

The first user-friendly feature to note is its electric start. It’s been really long since I pull-started my snow-thrower, and that’s because the RM2120 saves me a lot of time and energy as its engine always jump-starts at the hit of a button!

It rarely gets jammed even in the coldest of winters, which spares me the immense trouble of fixing it. In fact, it runs so smooth in such temperatures that you would want to clean up your neighbor’s driveway as well!

The second feature is its lightweight and compact design. This is the reason I suggest it for homeowners as cumbersome products don’t fare well in the long run and are challenging to move around.

Finally, the thrower comes with seven robust 1.5-inch Deluxe Diamond tires that provide superb traction and increase the thrower’s maneuvering capacity to complete the job quickly. They are made of durable rubber that doesn’t get jammed even in the most difficult-to-budge piles of snow.

What could have been better?

One issue that continues to bother me about this snow-thrower is that there is no battery-compartment for the easy electric start. Thus, we had to plug the starter in a standard electrical socket and hit the start button. This will get the machine rolling, and then you can unplug it and start the snow throwing process.

With batteries, this all-powerful machine would’ve become a complete package devoid of any pitfalls.


  • Durable
  • Easy electric start
  • Flexible chute propels snow to up to 190 degrees
  • Lightweight


  • Needs an outlet to utilize the electric start


Despite one minor flaw, the Remington RM2120 is the perfect combination of power, convenience, and utility. It clears even the deepest of snow and makes way for a clean, smooth driveway, porch, or backyard.

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