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Winters, especially the holiday season, can indeed be a magical time for many.

But for the rest of us, it comes with the added headache of constantly trying to clear out the yard and driveway off all the extra blankets of snow.

And removing thick snow can be a tremendously difficult job if you’re not equipped with the right tool. And by tool, I mean snow blower.

However, with so many blower models in the market today, it can indeed be difficult to pick the one that can fit your needs and snow conditions the best.

That’s precisely why I’ve brought you a review today on 3 models that are versatile enough to cater to a variety of needs and demands.

Ariens Deluxe 28 Review Apr 2024: Why do I love it so much?

Fantastic Power and Performance

ariens deluxe 28 sho reviewMy home particularly resides in the “temperate zone” of the earth. Though the summers are not too hot and quite pleasant with a beautiful spring season, the winters, on the other hand, can be extremely brutal especially for my yard and the driveway.

Come mid-winter, the snow would start falling heavy and fast, and the neighborhood would be surrounded by thick layers of white as far as the eye could see.

Now, to clear the snow, I needed a blower which is as sturdy as it’s consistent, and this is precisely where this Ariens Deluxe 28 model comes in. It is designed with a powerful 254 cc engine that helps me to effortlessly plow through the thickest of snowbeds in a matter of minutes.

Harsh winters are not a problem for me anymore. With a 28 inches clearing width, I don’t have to invest much time on the snow, and I can go on with my work and get back to my day’s schedule as soon as possible.

Blowing Precision and Consistency

A great snow blower is defined by how consistent and versatile it is under different conditions. And this is why Ariens saw it fit to equip the 921046 with a convenient self-propelled drive system.

This system will allow the blower to function at varying speeds and powers. With 6 variations in forward and 2 variations in reverse, Ariens snow blower is designed to be one of the most versatile snow blowing models in the current market.

The blower’s controls have an Auto-Turn Steering installed inside it as well. This is what grants the machine much of its precision while at the same time making it very easy to use and control even under the worst of winter conditions.

Very easy to use with adjustable features

Apart from the Auto-Turn Steering system, the other aspect that contributes significantly to the blower’s handling is the Crank Chute Controller.

The controller allows a 200-degree adjustable rotation feature which ultimately provides me with the option of adjusting the snow discharge direction while still working. I don’t need to stop the machine every now and then to adjust the chute. I can do it in transit and get the job done much faster and ahead of schedule.

Moreover, the Dual-handle Interlock System keeps me safe when using the blower, and allows for easy chute as well as speed adjustments.

The dash-headlight provides fantastic visibility in low-light conditions. So, if I ever feel the need to clear my driveway after sundown, then I can do that with relative ease.

Durable body with excellent maneuverability

In my experience, if your home sees a lot of snowfall during the winters, then the blower that you wish to go for should be extremely durable, or it will break down after just a few days of use.

The Ariens 921046 is made with the harshest of winter conditions in mind. It comes with an all-steel construction along with a heavy-duty, cast-iron gear case that helps it to last a very long time.

Long snow blowing tasks are not an issue with this Ariens model, and you can use it for hours on end without having to stop in the middle. The 921046 snow blower can make quick work of any snow blowing work no matter how difficult the job is.

Additionally, this blower also comes with 16 inches directional tires that provide superior trading on all forms of terrain. The traction it provides is fantastic, to say the least, and maneuvering it around obstacles and through tight spaces is quite easy as well.

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What could have been better?

Though an easy to use snowblowing beast, the Ariens 921046 does fall short of my expectations when it comes to:

The Fuel Gauge

The fuel tank screen filter along with the fuel gauge is extremely hard to read. It’s almost impossible to see whether the tank of the blower is getting filled or not, and this often leads to me overfilling, which I find to be quite annoying and a potential problem.

Not as fuel efficient

The Ariens 921046 snowblower hogs fuel like anything. I wanted it to be a bit more fuel efficient like some of its other competitors. It hardly lasts for a couple of hours with a full tank of gas and can be quite inconvenient to a lot of customers.


  • Durable build and design will last for years to come
  • Easy to handle and maneuver around obstacles and tight spaces
  • Powerful engine with a wide clearing width for a fast and efficient performance
  • Versatile enough to meet the needs of different winter conditions


  • The fuel gauge is hard to read
  • It is not as fuel efficient as I would have liked it to be

Ariens Deluxe 24 Review Apr 2024

ariens deluxe 24 reviewWhen it comes to regions that see a lot of snow during the cold months, I generally tend to go for a more powerful gas powered blower which should be efficient and easy to use.

And in that regard, the Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24 tends to fit the bill perfectly. I have been using this snow blower in a lot of my jobs as of late, and I must say that it’s yet to let me down.

Perfect for removing medium to thick snow blankets, this model from Ariens is sure to make your yard and driveway look exactly like how you want it to be every winter.

Why do I like the Ariens ST24LE Deluxe 24 so much?

Now, to start off, let me tell you that the Deluxe 24 is incredibly powerful. With a 254 cc four-stroke gasoline engine, it can clean out the thickest of blankets in a matter of moments.

It’s pretty much self-propelled and has a 120-volt push button electric starter which makes it very easy to operate and work around. However, the feature which I absolutely love about this blower is the two-stage starter.

If you are planning to operate this machine far away from any available power source, then you can always use the recoil pull-start. Though it may take more than a few pulls to get it going, I am yet to see it get jammed, and getting it up and running is not too difficult a task at all.

The Deluxe 24 is around 24 inches wide and has a housing intake that is 21 inches high with an auger and impeller diameter of 14 inches each. This makes the blower perfect for removing snow beds which are around 12-14 inches deep, may it be light/dry or heavy/wet in nature.

Another fantastic aspect of this Ariens model is mobility. The Deluxe 24 comes with adjustable skid shoes that allows it to be used on paved or gravel surface types. The shoes help to raise or lower the snow intake height when clearing out pathways which are bumpy and uneven.

It possesses a halogen headlight as well; hence, if you ever plan to work on your yard after daylight hours, the light makes it convenient enough to avoid accidents in the dark.

The blower has an incredibly durable body to complement the engine power, and the enclosed design also helps to keep the engine safe from debris.

However, one point of complaint that many customers have with this model is the cost. Yes, the Ariens Deluxe 24 is very expensive, but with the features that one is able to get with it, I don’t think that there’s much room for complaint here.

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  • 254 cc powerful engine goes through the thickest of snow beds
  • Adjustable skid shoes allow the blower to work on uneven ground
  • Two-stage starter and self-propelled feature makes it very convenient to use
  • Durable body design and structure


  • Recoil-pull start mechanism may need a lot pulls to get running
  • Might be too expensive for a lot of customers who are looking for more budget-friendly models

Ariens Compact 24 Review Apr 2024

ariens 24 compact snow blower reviewsA lot of people have uneven driveways and yards, and most snow blowers are not exactly cut out for that job, as they have a rather hard time adjusting to the surface. As a result, there are flying rocks and debris everywhere, and the blower eventually breaks down under the work strain and pressure.

Now, the Ariens Compact 24 is specifically built to remove snow off of uneven grounds and even unpredictable terrain. By just adjusting the track angle, you can get it ready for either smooth asphalt or unpaved rocky track in just seconds.

However, the advantages of this blower don’t stop there.

Why do I recommend the Ariens 920021 Compact 24?

Apart from the fantastic mobility on a variety of surfaces, the other thing which I really like about the Compact 24 is the ease of use. The mower has an electric start-up and will be up and running with just the push of a button.

It also has a 24-inch clearing path and will help you tackle large driveways and spaces in a significantly lesser amount of time.

No one likes to be outside for long under those bone-chilling conditions. And with the Compact 24, you will not have to take several passes to clear out the snow completely.

Moreover, as the name itself suggests, this Ariens blower model is incredibly compact. Storage is something which has always been an issue for me when it comes to snow blowers, as most of the high-power models are large and takes up a considerable amount of space to store, at times not even fitting inside the available garden shed.

The Compact 24, on the other hand, has a fold up handle that reduces the space usage significantly. It’s also lightweight and very easy to handle and maneuver around.

The Compact 24 can also match your stride. It’s not at all hulking and slow like some of the other models in the market today, and its very lightweight nature helps to propel it faster and get the job done much sooner.

The engine allows for 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, and you can pick between them depending on your preferences.

However, the 2 reverse speeds feel rather slow in my opinion. The forward movement might be incredibly fast, but the reverse is truly a disappointment when you have to do a reverse pass.

Like most Ariens models, this blower too comes with its own halogen headlights for working after dusk. But the light is pretty mediocre to be honest, compared to some other units in the market, and I won’t recommend it for use during “pitch black” conditions.

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  • The compact body design makes it easy to maneuver and store
  • Wider clearing path gets the job done in moments
  • Adjustable track angle makes it perfect for both smooth and uneven grounds
  • 6 forward speeds will help it match your stride


  • The reverse speed is rather slow
  • The halogen headlight which is provided is of very poor quality

Final Thoughts

May it be a pleasant or a harsh winter with light or heavy snowfall, the Ariens snow blowers will be able to effortlessly fit all conditions.

They are incredibly durable and easy to use, and come with some of the best snow blowing features that the current market has to offer.

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