Craftsman 26″ Snowblower Reviews 2020

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Getting rid of unwanted snow has become reasonably straightforward with the advent of powerful snow blowers (technically snow throwers).

Who likes having a thick blanket of snow on the driveway or the sidewalks outside their house? That’s why I decided to invest in an efficient snow blower that could carry out all my snow removal projects.

Selecting the best snow blower can be challenging – there are a plethora of brands offering various types of snow blower machines across a diverse price range. I spent a substantial amount of time and effort to find the best snow blower and shortlisted the Electric Start Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower from the reputed brand of Craftsman.

Craftsman Snowblower Review 2020: Why do I like it?

craftsman snowblower reviewI have used the Craftsman Electric Start Two-Stage Snow Blower extensively throughout the winter to understand its pros and cons. My overall experience using this machine has been nothing short of fabulous.

Without further ado, let me take you through the win-win features of this excellent Craftsman snow blower.

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design is an indispensable prerequisite for a piece of outdoor equipment to perform optimally in the long run. I have not come across a more easily usable snow blower. Everything about this machine speaks of its efficiency.

It comes with an integrated four-way joystick which provides hassle-free pitch control and chute rotation. I especially liked its power steering as it enables accurate and quick maneuverability. And last but not least, in my usage, the in-dash headlight proved to be quite useful in low-light situations.

Powerful Engine

The next thing I want to draw your attention to is the powerful engine of this snow blower. It comes equipped with a four-cycle 208 cc overhead valve gas engine, which gives it enough firepower to accomplish some very challenging snow removal missions.

Its serrated steel augers are strong enough to cut through snow quickly. Who likes spending a long time outside amidst the unforgiving cold? Made in the USA with best-in-industry materials, it ensures that uncompromised quality is delivered to you.

Versatility and Utility

craftsman 26 snowblower reviewsI especially liked the immense versatility offered by this snow blower. There are two reverse and six forward speeds, so you can seamlessly control the pace. The trigger-controlled steering, coupled with adjustable polymer skid shoes provides impeccable control over all kinds of terrain.

You will appreciate the extended chute design as it offers a tighter discharge pattern that has the following benefits:

  • Enhanced snow-throwing distance
  • Reduced possibility of blowback of cleared snow on you
  • 200-degree chute rotation in less than 2.5 cranks

Its single-hand control allows you to lock a particular speed while using the other hand for operating the pitch and chute control.

Operational Efficiency

You can clear up to 21 inches deep snow cover with this machine. I especially liked the 26-inch clearing width of this machine, which makes it convenient to clear snow from sidewalks in one pass.

Some blowers can be challenging to maneuver in deep snow but not this one. Its massive 15-inch tires come with X-Trac tread which makes it steady on uneven terrain as well.

I cannot emphasize enough how valuable the small push-button electric start is in this machine. It works perfectly, eliminating the need for you to pull-start the engine in extreme cold.

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What could’ve been better?

There is no denying that Craftsman hit a home run with this snow blower. It packs a ton of exceptional features that make it an attractive buy for homeowners who want to remove moderate amounts of snow. However, it is not flawless.

According to me, there are some aspects of this machine that have a significant scope of improvement. For starters, it is quite heavy and even with its different speed settings, it can be a bit difficult to move up an inclined area.

And needless to say, it is not a compact machine in any way and will likely take a considerable portion of your garage space when you need to store it.


  • It features an all-out ergonomic design that provides optimal snow removal efficiency
  • It comes equipped with a powerful 208 cc engine
  • It has a two-year limited warranty
  • Its tires have X-Trac treads to provide rigid traction on uneven terrain


  • Let down by its weight and size


If you live in an area that receives moderate snowfall and you want to remove snow cover that is a couple of feet deep, this Craftsman Two Stage Gas Snow Blower perfectly fits the bill.

I used this powerful machine to remove snow quickly and conveniently without running into any significant snag. It comes with a two-year limited warranty from a reputed company, so you need not worry about quality issues.

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