SnoTek 2-Stage Self-Propelled Gas Snow Blower Review

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Being in the lawn care business for the last 15 years, the most common job that we undertake after a stormy and harsh winter is clearing people’s beloved lawns. And in my experience, 2-stage blowers are the best bet for the job.

Although significantly heavier than single-stage blowers, the former performs way better under severe weather conditions, owing to engine-driven wheels or tracks and higher clearing width.

So today, I’d like to talk about the SnoTek 20 inch Snow Blower, which is one of my favorites in the category of 2-stage blowers.

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Sno Tek Snow Blower Reviews 2020: Why buy this product?

Winning by the basics

sno tek 24 reviewWell, the device comes with a powerful 136 cc engine that can easily remove snow from heights of up to 20 inches. This is the reason I prefer working with SnoTek machines during heavy snowfall.

What’s more, the clearing radius of the machine runs at 20 inches as well. This makes it one of the most convenient choices for homeowners to clear their jammed driveways, pathways, and backyards. It also propels the snow further away and minimizes the chances of slipping and falling on the cleared trail.

Features I absolutely love

Before getting to the little surprise feature I have saved for the last, I’d like to dwell on some of the features that this snow blower boasts of. Let’s see how useful they really are:

First, this model doesn’t have tires but tracks, making it more versatile to remove snow from irregular and rough surfaces such as stone and gravel. Apart from having a powerful machine, I prefer this model of Sno-Tek because of its versatility. In the last eight months of heavy usage, it rarely got jammed even on extremely rough surfaces.

Furthermore, the 11-inch serrated, stainless steel augers provide the ultimate smoothness to move through any given surface, and the 12-inch 3-blade impellers never fail to discharge the snow efficiently.

It is the cumulative efficiency of all these individual parts that lead to the top-notch performance of the blower. The other feature that facilitates the snow clearing process is the quick-turn chute. It can turn up to a staggering 205 degrees, and that helps me to throw the collected snow far away (up to 5 feet) from the point of operation.

And in terms of durability and stability, SnoTek fares great too! While the polar track tires maintain high traction on both light and dense ice surfaces, the exterior body of the device is made of rust-resistant and weatherproof, heavy-duty aluminum.

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Intelligent Technology

This combination of durability, strength, and stability is further supported by the reversible skid shoes that help adjust the height of the blower while cleaning uneven surfaces. Intelligence is a characteristic of Sno-Tek blowers, which is why they have also included a headlight that glows brightly to clear driveways in semi-dark areas.

And now I’ll reveal what I had kept for the last, and that’s the variable speed technology. It has six forward speeds and two reverse. This feature combines with everything else mentioned above to work perfectly on different surfaces, conditions, and temperatures. Although the reverse speeds are a bit slow, I could ignore that pitfall considering how helpful it proves when I can move this little beast to any direction of my choice.

What could have been better?

It’s challenging to find a negative quality of this blower, but I can definitely suggest improvements in technology that will help all of us in the long run.

First, the headlight should have been more powerful. It’d serve fine till dusk, but in patch darkness, the light doesn’t serve that well.

Next, and more importantly, it is difficult to turn the blower around as it has tracks. Although the reverse movement compensates this lack, that doesn’t match blowers that have a rotating or turning capacity.


  • Powerful engine of 136 cc
  • Variable speed technology
  • Rust-resistant durable outer case
  • Works great on uneven surfaces


  • Headlight is weak
  • Turning the machine around is difficult


Despite these points, I have always favored this SnoTek 20 inches blower for its power and intelligence. Trust me, those augers and impellers work in perfect harmony and can clear all kinds of snow, be it the slush, crust, or the hardest of all, ice.

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