Simplicity 1696755 Single Stage Snow Thrower Review

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Unlike some other brands like Snow Joe and Ariens, Simplicity is not all that well known in the snow removal scene.

They are more or less the “new kid on the block” and has only recently started to garner some popularity, both in the domestic and the professional field.

The Simplicity snow blowers are often described by their solid build and powerful engine. Briggs and Stratton is the name of the game when it comes to their machines, and their latest Simplicity 1696755 is all about performance and reliability.

It was only recently that I got to use the blower for one of my jobs, and I was absolutely amazed by its results.

So let me tell you a bit about it.

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Simplicity Single Stage Snow Blower Reviews 2020: What makes the 1696755 so very special?

simplicity snow blower reviewsWhat I absolutely love about this blower is the versatility and the varied amount of jobs that you can use it for.

It’s the smallest model from Simplicity’s professional series, and that’s precisely why it’s so perfect for the tougher and heavier residential jobs.

If you have long driveways which sees mild to heavy snowfall during the colder months each year, then the 1696755 is exactly what you need.

Incredible Performance

The 1696755 comes with a commercial-grade friction disc drive which has a total of 7 speeds with an additional 306 cc displacement on top of it. This allows the blower to perform at its best for hours on end without overheating or breaking down during those long snow blowing jobs.

It also has a “Power Boost System” incorporated into its design, which helps to significantly improve the overall efficiency.

This system senses the depth and heaviness of the snow automatically and adjusts the auger speed and strength accordingly. This will allow you to save up on energy and power by reducing the workload; thereby making this blower quite efficient.

Highly Durable

The Briggs and Stratton engine and the snow blowing chute comes neatly built inside a 24 x 20 inches housing which is extremely durable, to say the least.

The body of the blower is highly resistant to external elements such as heavy snowfall and rain and can easily take up the hardest of snow removal jobs under the harshest of conditions without much trouble.

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the blower mouth is just 24 inches wide, which is pretty small. Though perfect for smaller professional jobs, I will not recommend that you use it for larger areas like fields and golf courses as it will take up a significant amount of time.

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Convenient to use

simplicity single stage snow blower reviewsThe Simplicity 1696755 is one of the more user-friendly snow blowers out there today.

It has a one-button electrical start, along with power steering as well as heated grip handles, to make this Simplicity model your go-to blower come every winter.

In terms of additional accessories, the 1696755 comes with its very own set of optional chain tires, which will help you get a solid grip on the iciest of terrains.

The drift cutters will keep the blower stable even on rough undulating grounds, and maximize the snow blowing efficiency as a result.

What about the 1696755 disappoints?

When it comes to the cons, the initial disadvantage that I have noticed about the mower is that when it comes to slippery terrain, the skid shoes that originally come with the blower doesn’t balance out all that well. It depends on certain accessories like chain tires to work efficiently on such terrain.

Additionally, if the temperature starts to fall really low, moisture might just start building up around the controls, and the electric chute switches may freeze. Though it can be worked around easily, it is still an inconvenience.



  • Boasts amazing snow blowing power and long-lasting performance
  • Durable design and body structure that will last you for years
  • Has a lot of amazing optional accessories to make the job even easier
  • Incredibly easy to use for any customer



  • The skid shoes do not balance well on extra slippery terrain
  • The electric chute switches have a tendency to freeze in extremely low temperatures

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an efficient and easy to use snowblower for your long driveway and yard, then the Simplicity 1696755 can be the perfect choice for this winter season.

Its amazing durability and performance are the factors that made it so very popular, and I am confident it will do more than just keeping your driveway clean and snow-free.

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