WoodMaxx 8″ Hydraulic Auto-Feed Chipper Review

woodmaxx chipper reviewsThis wood chipper is a product manufactured by WoodMaxx, a company that has been specializing in manufacturing just the best quality and the most satisfying Power Equipment since a long time ago. This is the WoodMaxx 8” WM-8H Wood Chipper, a heavy duty chipper with the weight of 990 lbs.

When examined closely, you can see how strong and stable the body is. It is designed in a way that it can work for hours, simultaneously providing the best possible performance to the user.

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The Powerful Features

6.25″ Hardened Steel Infeed Rollers

It consists of two major rollers which are present at the head of the chipper. These rollers are the most important things when it comes to pulling the material (wood) inside for the chipping process to occur, and these rollers are made with an extremely hard and strong, resistive material, which comes heavily powered and are manufactured in the chisel bar type, so that the material is pulled in firmly and steadily no matter how thick and strong the branches are.

Flywheel With Ideal Weight of 200 lbs

woodmaxx wood chipper reviewsMoving on to the blades, which totally amazed me with their performance. These blades are generally manufactured in the USA so that their quality and strength are totally assured. The special wood chipper features an amazing 200 lb flywheel, which provides the stored energy efficiently to the chipper, therefore enabling it to work for much longer hours.

Main Shaft Supported By 3 Bearings

The main shaft, having a diameter of 2” is generally supported by three amazingly heavy duty bearings, which are mounted in cast steel housings. It has a steady and efficient power supply as it consists of a high-quality hydraulic pump as well as a tank. This will let it produce and use the energy on its own, therefore not requiring hydraulics from the tractor.

With a minimum 19 horsepower engine, the chipper definitely keeps its word at providing a fairly fast and efficient performance. There is a port given on the side of the machine, through which we can easily access the flywheel blades, and can even remove and replace them without any fuss. This definitely proves to be helpful whenever we feel a need that the things need to be cleaned up a little.

Apart from this, other little things in this chipper include the clear vinyl baffle, which is contained in the in-feed bin, and the PTO shaft, which is efficiently bold protected. It is tragic how many accidents come in view when it comes to wood chippers, but this chipper guarantees your safety while you’re using it! The safety feed roller disengage bar will immediately stop if anything unusual happens, therefore you can always work with this wood chipper without any serious worries about getting injured. Though you should never be too careless and always stay attentive while being near such gadgets that can seriously harm you.

In the end, the chipped up woods are discharged through the 360° swivel discharge chute, and it’s definitely amazing how the chips come out with an amazing finish.

Not only this but with all of the facilities it provides, it still comes with a 3-year warranty, which proves how effective and satisfying this wood chipper actually is.

Pros and Cons

We ordered this wood chipper a year ago after reading great reviews from so many customers over this product and how they claimed that this is by far the best wood chipper available in the market.

As we were looking for a wood chipper that would greatly help us and fulfill our needs efficiently, we went for this one after loads of research and investigation. The manufacturer, WoodMaxx, ensured us that before the dispatch from their warehouse, the chipper was thoroughly examined and tested as well as experimented, to make sure it worked just up to our expectations.

As it was an online order, they provided us with free shipping, as they transport the products free of cost to any address in USA and Canada. It was definitely a plus as we didn’t need to spend on the transportation, which is quite difficult as wood chippers can be very heavy and difficult to list. Saving money always proves to be good. Just as they claimed, the product came 90% assembled, which was also a plus, as we didn’t have to waste too much time on trying to understand it and then assemble it in the right way.

But one of the things that let us down was that we had to unload the wood chipper ourselves. It was highly troublesome, and it really took a long time.

Also as it was super heavy, it added on to the burden we had to lift. When we were examining the chipper to make sure it was okay, we found out that some of the hydraulic fittings were quite loose, which was a con to some extent, but we took care of them and tightened them without a lot of problems.

After everything was set, it was attached to our tractor, which was quite easy and convenient, and on the first day of work, we were definitely impressed by how well the machine worked. It was definitely a con that it was kind of slow when it came to chipping the woods even when we were trying to put less load onto the chipper, but on the brighter side, it didn’t matter much, because it took its time to do its work just as efficiently.

Here is a video of the wood chipper in action:

The wood chips were fine and had a perfect, smooth texture, which we were delighted to get as a product. We also found the machine to be extremely safe when we were around it, and thus we could give our full attention to the work on hand. As we observed, the feeder was around a 6-8” rectangular box, which definitely accommodated straight, large logs, but sadly the opening was too small for the thick, curvy branches, which faced quite a lot of difficulties while trying to get inside the chipper.


As a conclusion, we would definitely say that the WoodMaxx 8” WM-8H Wood Chipper was highly impressive, and the pros absolutely outrun the cons. The product from this chipper can be used anywhere, for flooring or even for paper making. Its work is totally professional and highly satisfying.

We would sincerely recommend everyone who has been looking for a wood chipper that can give them a professional output, with a price as low and reasonable as this one, to definitely consider buying this one.

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