Brave BHVH2213GX Vertical And Horizontal Log Splitter Review

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Who doesn’t enjoy a quiet leisure time beside a fireplace on a cold winter’s night?

But to continue enjoying its comforts, many choose to split their wood from the backyard with the help of mauls and wedges.

There is no denying in the amazing workout effects of this process, but it gets too strenuous too fast. And in these situations, a log splitter becomes a much wiser option.

But the problem arises when choosing the right splitter, as the options are as varied as the customer needs. From gas-powered to electricity generated hydraulic systems, each garden has its own demands.

Luckily, we are here to help your garden to get the care that it deserves. And, to help you out with your decision, we bring you a review on the Brave BHVH2213GX log splitter, which indeed is an all-rounder in lawn maintenance.

Let’s see if it can be the ideal fit for your backyard.

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Brave Log Splitter Reviews May 2024: Why should it be your pick too?

brave log splitter reviewsTo be perfectly honest, we don’t feel that any log splitter is limited to just providing firewood. In some cases, a suburban home may not have a fireplace to begin with, as they make do with electric heating. But there may always be a need for log splitters for garden maintenance.

This is where the fantastic features of the BHVH2213GX come in. More often than not backyards are a victim to yard debris like fallen trees and branches. And in today’s life of deadlines, not many can summon the time or physical strength to go at the logs with a wedge.

In such situations, we cannot think of a better tool for the job other than the BHVH2213GX. Not only will it save you a lot of time but make the whole garden cleaning process as simple as possible. Let’s see if the BHVH2213GX can cater to all your demands as it did ours.

Powerful engine

At times, there is a need for every gardener to chop down a tree that has been damaged by disease or storm. An electric saw can help with cutting it down, but how do you dispose of it afterward? Using a maul and wedge is not an option, and the local log splitters are not powerful enough to go through it.

This is one area where the BHVH2213GX has an advantage over its competitors. By virtue of its commercial-grade Honda GX 160 cc engine, it can go through the most robust trees in a matter of minutes. And for greater convenience, the log dislodger ejects out the cut pieces automatically, and you don’t have to pull or hammer off the wood.

Convenient design

With the help of the spring loaded rail locks, you can use the EZ lift hinge to make the splitter cut in vertical or horizontal patterns.

Additionally, the BHVH2213GX is also equipped with a heavy-duty crank down wheel jacks which will allow you to move it around conveniently. And the heavy-duty 4-bolt trailer hubs help in towing it away once you are done using it.

Durable and Sturdy

Most hydraulic splitters in the market don’t come with a durable build. Either wood eventually enters the beam and breaks down the engine, or time and weather take its toll and corrode its body and mechanisms.

But the Brave BHVH2213GX has an engine guard bolted in place that protects the beam of the engine from falling wood. And its powder coat finish provides the optimum protection from weather and elemental hazards.

What are the disadvantages?

Even with all its durability, convenience and powerful engine, the BHVH2213GX did disappoint us when it came to its assembly. Even though most of the splitter came assembled, but we had to attach certain parts like the dislodge collector and the trailer hub ourselves.

The manual instructions they provided for the process was not even remotely helpful, and neither was their customer service. The assembly tool was flimsy and fell apart quite quickly. All in all, what looked like a 30-minute job, took up a better part of a whole afternoon.


  • GX270 9 HP powerful engine that cuts through the thickest log
  • Powder coat finish keeps it durable
  • EZ lift hinge makes it easier to lift the splitter to a vertical position
  • Heavy-duty wheel jacks and trailer hubs for excellent mobility


  • Bad customer service
  • Assembly tool is very flimsy

After Thoughts

Many might feel that a log splitter especially the gas-powered kind is too expensive of a buy. But we are here to tell them that with the recent decrease in the price of splitters, the Brave BHVH2213GX is an ideal buy with the time and extra effort it saves you.

Hope you had a very intuitive time reading our review.

Till next time!

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