DEK 15 HP 420cc Commercial Duty Chipper Shredder Review

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We all know the troubles of maintaining a beautiful backyard, especially when spring and autumn come around.

Yard debris like leaves, small branches, and twigs just make a complete mess of your garden, and there are no simple ways to get rid of them.

Most people make the mistake of investing in an expensive riding mower, which would make mulch out of the debris along with cutting the grass. If perhaps, you too are planning to do the same, then we would suggest a more pocket-friendly and equally effective alternative.

Yes! As you may have guessed, we are talking about chipper shredders. And today we bring you the DEK 15 HP and hope that might just do more than ticking the boxes in your checklist.

So let’s see how well it can fit your needs.

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DEK Engines Reviews May 2024: Why the DEK 15 HP over the rest?

dek engines reviews

Mulch/shredding riding mowers are excellent and all, but they are hardly ever fit for smaller gardens. Under these circumstances your only other grass trimming go to is a push mower, but how do you dispose of the debris after you’re done with cutting?

This is where a chipper shredder comes in, and the DEK 15 HP is genuinely one of the best when it comes to that. Here are some of its standout features that are sure to give any garden tool enthusiast an amazing user experience.

Power engine and shredding

Be it spring or autumn; a suburban garden always finds itself littered with fallen leaves and twigs. This as a result severely dampens the overall aesthetic qualities of a backyard. But disposal of these garden wastes is a major hassle, as even if fallen leaves and smaller twigs are manageable, the bigger branches are complicated to remove on the other hand.

The DEK has all these issues covered and more, and it is all thanks to its commercial duty engine. Most chipper shredders in the market would fail to munch through the bigger branches, but not the DEK as it has a fantastic 15 HP (420cc) engine which is powerful enough to shred any backyard waste into usable mulch.

Easy to use and versatile

What makes the DEK very suitable for any homeowner is how user-friendly it is for the beginner who has just stepped into the world of garden maintenance. Its unique design features a 2-way feed along with an oversized funnel for leaves, a garden trailer hitch, and a chip collection bag. This makes it very easy to compartmentalize the various wastes and segregate the mulch from the throwable refuse.

The shredder even self-feeds the debris, and with a 3 inches x 4 inches mouth diameter it is effortlessly able to turn the largest branches and yard waste into useful manure for the lawn. Additionally, a centrifugal clutch is equipped to the chipper belt that protects not only the engine but the user as well.

Amazing waste disposing ability

Turning waste into usable mulch is an amazing property for any gardening tool to possess. And in this area too, the DEK 15 HP is exceptionally efficient.

Wouldn’t it be a great feeling if you’re able to turn 12 bags of waste into 1 usable bag of mulch? Well, with the sturdy and robust blades the DEK possesses, no yard debris is too big or strong to resist getting shredded.

Mulch acts as a good source of fertilization for your lawn, especially if you’re into cultivating crops and tomato trellises. The DEK provides you with a very eco-friendly way of maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your garden.

Where does it fail to impress?

Not all is smooth sailing for the DEK, and like all other gardening tools, we found it to be disappointing in a couple of areas.

Most noteworthy of which is, when we tried to change the cutting blade, we found the access to the nuts that held them to be very limited. The nuts are housed inside the shredding chamber, and there is a plate with holes in it that forms one of its walls. Even though the plate ensures the thing being shredded doesn’t spill out, we still found it to be very inconvenient to get a wrench and access the nuts inside.


  • Powerful 15 HP, 420cc engine
  • User-friendly features
  • Turns 12 bags of waste into 1 bag of mulch
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Changing blades is a big hassle
  • Not water resistant

Happy Mulching!

The DEK 15 HP is a fantastic tool that will provide you with the most eco-friendly way of maintaining a garden. It’s smart, powerful, and extremely easy to use, and an ideal companion for any backyard gardener.

We hope the DEK will be able to fit your gardening needs as it did ours.

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