Dirty Hand Tools Log Splitter Reviews 2020

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Growing up as a kid in a suburban home with a large backyard, one of my fondest childhood memories was sitting with my father in the dirt and learning how to prune the hedges.

Garden maintenance soon turned into a hobby for me, and later on into a profession.

And what I learned over the years (especially after opening my own lawn care agency) was that hedge trimmers and mowers are not the only integral parts to garden care.

When it comes to yard waste disposal and firewood acquisition, log splitters covet the top of the list.

But from electric engine to gas and hydraulic rams, log splitters come in various shapes and designs. And it’s quite rare for a splitter to fulfill every customer need.

However, today I have an all-rounder for you that is sure to put a smile on every gardeners’ face.

This Dirty Hand Tools splitter is as versatile as it is powerful.

So, let’s see if it can be your pick for the day as well.

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Dirty Hand Tools Review 2020: What makes this log splitter my go to?

dirty hands 27 ton log splitter reviewsOn first look, the 100950 Log Splitter didn’t look or feel all that impressive to me. It was recommended to me by one of my employees George, as this was the one he used for his own yard. And he assured me that it had one of the most impressive splitting action he has ever seen.

So, when I gave the splitter a try myself, I quickly realized that George was not wrong at all. From the power, to splitting force and cut consistency, the 100950 pleasantly surprised me in every field.

Here are some of the things that I find the splitter excels in:

Fantastic Power and Splitting Force

What indeed attracted me the most to the Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Log Splitter was how it was effortlessly able to generate 22 tons of raw splitting force. Its DHT 196 cc engine is one of the best in the current splitter market, and with 6.5 HP it makes quick work of the thickest logs.

The gas-powered splitters are the more powerful variants. When compared to their electric competitors, they generate a higher splitting force and as a result are able to go through tougher trees like oak and redwood.

My yard has an abundance of oak, and acquiring firewood from them with a substandard splitter was quite a hassle. But this log splitter was able to simplify the task for me significantly.

Cutting Speed and Ease of Use

A cutting speed for a splitter is as important as its power, especially for those gardening enthusiasts who can’t allot much time to yard maintenance.

And the 100950 is able to generate an amazing cycle time of 11.5 seconds, which is a lot faster than all of its competitors. This speed is all thanks to the auto retract valve that retracts the hydraulic cylinder with a simple tap after every splitting motion.

The automatic function makes the tool extremely user-friendly as well. As it minimizes the need to set upstrokes manually, the hands-free feature dramatically reduces the risk of injury while saving time.

Splitting Versatility

Not all splitters are capable of providing excellent splitting versatility, but the Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Log Splitter is equipped with two kinds of splitting actions. This log splitter comes with both horizontal and vertical options, and you can change between the positions with just the use of a pin.

The vertical splitting position was quite convenient for me when it came to chopping down oak bark, which is otherwise large, heavy and hard to handle. The splitter even comes with a unique log catcher that holds the wood rounds in place and decrease the possibilities of lifting.

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Where did the Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Log Splitter fall short of expectations?

Even though an absolutely fantastic product in its own rights, the 100950 Log Splitter failed to impress me in certain areas:

  • Gas engine based log splitters tend to create harmful gaseous emissions when in use. So, it’s quite difficult to use them indoors especially in enclosed places like garages.
  • There is no “auto push-button” start, and I needed to yank on a chain everytime I wanted to start up the splitter. This got pretty inconvenient for me over time.
  • The wheels are somewhat small to my liking, and taking the splitter uphill was quite a chore during the monsoon.

Questions I get asked frequently

Will the 100950 Log Splitter fit my medium sized yard?

Absolutely! This Dirty Hands Tool splitter is made primarily with medium and large yards in mind. But in case you have a smaller yard that primarily supports shrubs, then this splitter may just be an overbuy. In such cases, it’s better to stick to a low powered electric splitter.

Does the splitter come equipped with hydraulic fluid?

No, it doesn’t. You will have to put in the fluid yourself which is rather easy. But make sure to double check the opening and keep it snug shut to avoid any fluid spillage.

Will the splitter arrive at my doorsteps fully assembled?

Well, yes and no. Most of the splitter will be fully assembled, but the engine will be kept loose inside the crate. Assembling it into the space is relatively easy, and can be achieved with the help of a few nuts and bolts.

What is the warranty on this Product?

For warranty information, it’s better to contact the seller directly. As their warranty and return guidelines change over time, the warranty details that applied to me may not be the same by the time you’re reading this guide.

Final Thoughts

The Dirty Hand Tools 100950 Log Splitter is indeed one of the best that the current splitter market has to offer. From boasting a fantastic amount of power to wood splitting versatility, it has steadily grown to be one of the most popular splitters.

Hope you enjoyed my Dirty Hands Log Splitter review today.

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