Rugged Made Log Splitter Reviews Apr 2024

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rugged made log splitter reviews“Manual labor sets you free.”

So, if you’ve watched “Bruce Almighty”, you know I’m quoting Morgan Freeman: and that too, for a good reason.

There is a lot of truth in this statement, and frankly, we’d take a day of chopping and splitting logs over the monotony of the 9-to-5.

But we all know that manual labor is not feasible in the long run. It isn’t as efficient and effective as automation and the worker’s health is something to keep in mind.

So, if you’re in the market for a log splitter to automate your, well, log-splitting, we have the perfect product for you.

We’re featuring RuggedMade’s 37-Ton Gas-Powered Hydraulic Log Splitter. RuggedMade is an American company based in Boston and has been in the business of making rugged and effective heavy-duty power equipment since 2007.

It is one of the best log splitters on the market, and we’ll tell you all about it.

So let’s get started!

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Rugged Made Log Splitter Reviews Apr 2024: Features

  • Available with either a 270cc Honda engine or a 301cc Raven engine with electric start
  • Comes with a welded 5 inches cylinder with a 24 inches stroke
  • Can be operated horizontally or vertically
  • Comes with 4-way blades
  • Log knock-off feature included
  • Two foldable legs provide stability while splitting
  • Sports a single-spool valve with an auto-return detent
  • Utilizes a 16 gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump with two stages (high and low)
  • The hydraulic tank holds 8 gallons of 10wt. AW32 hydraulic fluid

What do we like about it?

After testing the RuggedMade for days on end and tasking it to split the strongest woods we could find in our area, we are happy to report that there is a lot to like about it.

The RuggedMade is rugged, dependable, efficient and frankly, makes light work of what would otherwise be a tasking job.

Here’s why we like the RuggedMade:


Obviously, a log splitter isn’t going to be as portable as, say, a pocket knife, but relatively speaking, the RuggedMade is a very portable log splitter. Unlike some other log splitters we’ve seen, the RuggedMade comes with a wheel on either side to help it rolling along.

Further, the RuggedMade also features two stabilizing bars on each end, which means it can be placed wherever you wish without any fuss.

Quality of fixtures

The RuggedMade is rather aptly named. It features some of the best build quality we’ve seen in log splitters recently, and we were surprised at how sturdy the fixtures and fittings are.

Usually, the hoses on log splitters are pretty third-rate because manufacturers know they can scrimp on them and get away with it because the hoses are something nobody bothers about till they crack and leak.

Fortunately, we’re happy to report that the hoses on the RuggedMade are of high quality and we believe these half-inch units will not crack for a long time, even in extreme weather conditions.

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The engine

We got our hands on the 270cc version of the RuggedMade log splitter. The engine is made by Honda, a leading Japanese manufacturer of cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, snowmobiles… basically, they know a thing or two about engines!

It features overhead valves, which, at first instance, may seem inferior to the latest overhead cam (OHC) technology, but overhead cams don’t make sense as far as log splitters are concerned.

This is because OHCs trade power for reliability, whereas in a log splitter, the emphasis is on the latter.

Besides, the 9-horsepower Honda is powerful enough to handle most log-splitting needs. It is quiet in its operation, vibration is kept to a minimum level, and gasoline consumption is acceptable.

The splitting power

If you’re looking for a splitter that can split logs made of silicon carbide, look no further than the RuggedMade (just kidding, silicon carbide is the toughest material on Earth).

Still, if you want a splitter that can split logs made of the hardest wood, the RuggedMade is fit for the task.

In our experience, we found that irrespective of the size and the hardness of the log, the RuggedMade split it without breaking a sweat at all.

The work table

Yes, you can spec your RuggedMade log splitter to come with a work table. It is a solid work table made of metal and can be adapted for many purposes.

We found it fit for use as a place to place our logs and other tools. We even found it perfectly alright to use as a standing table in office, should that take your fancy!

Easy assembly

Assembling the RuggedMade is a fairly simple process, and we believe even those who aren’t handy will be able to assemble it with minimum difficulty.


  • The quiet, powerful engine is reliable and effective
  • Splits even the toughest and biggest logs
  • Raven engine features electric start
  • Switchable use orientation (horizontal/vertical) makes it ultra-convenient
  • The pump has a decent flow rate, meaning the piston won’t be lacking force
  • Auto-return detent eliminates a step
  • 4-way blades are efficient and effective at splitting


  • Some users have reported mediocre after-sales support
  • E-start on the Honda engine would’ve been nice


Splitting logs is an excellent exercise for the body as well as the mind, but as you get old or if you have a company to run, manual labor can become a hindrance instead of a liberator.

The RuggedMade is one of the best log splitters in the market. It comes packed with features, and the quality is exceptional. It makes light work of splitting even the toughest logs and works in any weather at any time.

Happy splitting!

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