Cub Cadet 160 cc 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter Review

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How often do you find yourself asking the question “will a log splitter solve all my backyard troubles”, only to have more questions follow like, “which splitter will be able to fit all my needs”?

Well, if fallen trees and large branches often plague your garden, then a log splitter is a much wiser option than self-wedging.

And as for choosing the right splitter for your needs, let us help you out with that. As today, we bring you one of the best in the field of gas-powered log splitters.

Though a log splitter may seem like a luxury item at first, a recent drop in their prices has made them a very affordable, time-saving device for many gardening tool enthusiasts.

The Cub Cadet 160 cc 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter is not only fantastic in time management but amazingly effective in disposing of the garden debris as well.

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Cub Cadet 25 Ton Log Splitter Reviews Jun 2024: What we admired about it

When testing out the Cub Cadet, we felt that one of its best features is how convenient it is for the amateur gardener to use. Not only is it easy to operate but powerful enough to mow down the thickest of logs.

Let’s discuss some of its standout features.

Amazing Force and Power

cub cadet log splitter reviewsWhat determines the ideal log splitter? Is it how comfortably it fits into your garden or how much power it boasts and how quickly it cuts? But we’ll leave that for you to decide, and what we can tell you is that the Cub Cadet cuts like a beast. It generates a 25-ton ram force and goes through thick trees like it was nothing.

With the help of 160 cc Honda OHV/OHC engine, the Cub Cadet will let you take on the most robust wood and split logs up to 25 inches with ease.

Efficient and Saves Time

Most local splitters come with exaggerated online reviews that hardly ever talk about the product’s efficiency. And the times that they do, they hype it to the extent that when using it, the experience is nothing short of disappointing. But the Cub Cadet is true to what it advertises, and when it says that it makes short work out of big splitting jobs, it truly delivers.

The Cub Cadet has a 19-second cycle time which even facilitates automatic return. This not only improves the efficiency of the overall log cutting process but saves up on precious time as well.

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Durable and Easy to Use

What makes the Cub Cadet 160 so attractive to the gardening novice is how simple its operational features are. With a 2 inches hitch and 16 inches x 4.6 inches transport wheels, the Cub Cadet is highly mobile and maneuverable. Even if your garden ground is very bumpy and patchy at places or supports a trellis, the splitter can zoom around the lawn with ease to split wood wherever you need it.

The vertical and horizontal operation positions allow you to avoid heavy log lifting and help you to work more efficiently. For long durability, the splitter is equipped with fenders that provide protection from road debris while moving it around, and additionally, the cast-iron splitting wedge can also be sharpened to give a more long lasting life.

Did the Cub Cadet 160 cc 25-Ton Gas Log Splitter let us down?

With all said and done, we did feel that the Cub Cadet was one of the best log splitters we have used at that price range. But that doesn’t mean that it was devoid of any flaws, and the issues were much more vibrant when it came to its wheels.

Sure, they were quite easy to maneuver letting you go around the stationary obstacles effortlessly, but we felt that it was not adequately equipped for sloped terrain, as the wheels were too small and lacked the necessary amount of traction for a constant uphill climb.


  • 160cc Honda OHV/OHC engine gives a fantastic cutting power of 25-Ton ram force
  • 19-second cycle time makes it highly efficient
  • Highly mobile wheels
  • Vertical and horizontal operation positions


  • Wheels not suitable for an uphill climb
  • Body is not weatherproof

Final Verdict

The Cub Cadet 160 is one of the most efficient and powerful log splitters that comes at an affordable price range. Not only will it save you the extra effort of straining your muscles, but save you time for your busy schedule as well.

The splitter comes highly recommended from our side, and we hope that it is your pick as well.

Till next time!

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