RAMSPLITTER HV16-5 Residential Vertical 16 Ton Log Splitter Review

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A versatile gardening tool is quite challenging to find, especially one that is not only user-friendly but cares for the environment as well.

And if you are looking for an eco-friendly way of treating your garden, then we might just have the right splitter for you.

After a storm or on every other day of spring, we generally tend to find our gardens littered with fallen branches and residual barks. The Ramsplitter HV16-5 provides a fantastic and efficient way of disposing of this garden debris.

With incredible versatility and dual splitting operations, the Ramsplitter is an amazing friend to have if you are new to the garden treatment scene.

Let’s see if it can be your pick for the day as it was ours.

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Ramsplitter Log Splitter Reviews Jun 2024: Why is the HV16-5 so popular among amateurs and professionals alike?

ramsplitter log splitter reviewsThe major advantage that the Ramsplitter has above the rest is its electric build. Not only does it save you from having to manually work on the logs with a hatchet and an ax, but it is an eco-friendly alternative to backyard maintenance as well.

When compared to its gas-powered competitors, the Ramsplitter is as silent as a whistle and not so temperamental when starting. This makes the splitter quite ideal for regular use, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors ever again.

The Ramsplitter is as versatile as it gets, so let’s take a look at some of the unique features that make it so special.


As one of the quieter splitters in the block, the Ramsplitter comes with certain features that specially cater to user convenience. Unlike the other splitters that have difficulty starting after repeated use, the Ramsplitter comes with an electric base that starts immediately with just the press of a button.

Refueling it is effortless as well; just plug it to the sockets on your wall, and you are good to go. There won’t be any hassle of replacing spark plugs, changing the oil or filling up the gasoline, or other maintenance tasks which are commonly related to gas engines.

Additionally, the splitter comes with vertical and horizontal splitting operations which makes the splitter ideal for all types of logs. While the horizontal mode is ideal for smaller logs, the vertical mode, on the other hand, cuts through the bigger logs effortlessly.


The Ramsplitter is a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to all your garden maintenance needs. Unlike gas-based engines, this splitter emits no harmful fumes that you will be inhaling, which can adversely affect your health or the environment. Its electric build is much more comfortable to be around than a gas-based splitter.

This splitter is also an affordable way of saving yourself from the health problems that might occur when you are manually splitting logs. Repeated use of a heavy ax or hatchet may lead to severe back issues.

Efficiently gets the job done

Even with its portable, diminutive size and electric build, the Ramsplitter HV16-5 packs a punch and gets the job done as effectively as any other high-end gas splitter. With the help of its 1.5 HP electric high torque motor, the Ramsplitter is able to generate 16-tonnes of ram force.

And for a more seamless cutting experience, the splitter has a 3-1/2 inch cylinder which is equipped with a control valve. The valve has a return mechanism that locks the cylinder into reverse, hence retracting it and placing it in the starting position after every cycle.

What are some of the Ramsplitter’s shortcoming?

The Ramsplitter disappointed when it came to power. Even though efficient with its high cycle speed and vertical/horizontal operations, the 16-tonnes of splitting force is just not enough for the bigger and tougher logs.

Additionally, we found assembling the log to be quite inconvenient, as the assembly and operation instructions were terrible and did not do a comprehensive job.


  • The electric base makes the splitter quite easy to recharge
  • An eco-friendly alternative that does not release any harmful fumes
  • 1.5 HP electric high torque makes the job quick and efficient
  • Vertical and horizontal cutting features make the splitter ideal for all types of logs


  • Not as powerful as gas splitters. Hence, splitting the thicker logs may be difficult
  • Assembly and procedure manual is not helpful at all

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an eco-friendly way of keeping your garden in shape, then you possibly cannot do better than the Ramsplitter HV16-5 log splitter. As one of the most versatile electric-based splitters, it is sure to fit all your gardening needs like a glove.

Hope our review today was able to help you with your log splitter choice.

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