Speeco S40123300 22 Ton Gas Log Splitter Review

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Looking for an affordable way of keeping your garden in check while simplifying yard debris disposal?

Well, then you are in luck, for today we have one of the best economically sound products in the field of garden maintenance for you.

The Speeco S40123300 22 Ton Gas Log Splitter is as easy on the pocket as it comes, and with fantastic utilities and the power to boast, it is able to cater to every customer demand.

With a light, durable body and a sturdy gas based engine, it is not a surprise as to why it is such a popular pick among the majority of homeowners.

And we are confident that it will suit your needs as well.

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Speeco 22 Ton Log Splitter Review Apr 2024: What does the S40123300 do right?

speeco log splitter reviewsThe Speeco range of gas log splitters is all about providing value for money to their customers. As one of the most affordable gas based splitters in the market today, the Speeco not only has a fantastic and reliable splitting force but has a versatile, dual operations splitting action as well.

With an amazing body design and unique cradle features, it appeals to both homeowners and professionals alike. It is incredibly user-friendly, and the gas-based engine promises a fantastic splitting force that can go through the toughest logs.

For acquiring firewood or just cleaning up your yard, the Speeco is sure to fit all your gardening needs.

Reliable splitting force

If you are asking as to what makes the Speeco 22 Ton Log Splitter so popular among the gardening-tool enthusiasts, then the answer is quite simple really – the Speeco’s uniqueness lies in how it’s able to generate a fantastic splitting force even though it has a small, portable and compact body.

Equipped with a 190cc Briggs Stratton 675 engine which is known for its reliability, the splitter can provide you with a splitting force of over 22-tonnes. And with the auto return valve and 2 stage 11 GPM pump, it is able to effortlessly generate an 11-second cycle speed that exponentially reduces the cutting time.

The Speeco is capable of going through logs which are up to 26 inches in length and 7 inches in width effortlessly. Not only does it save you time but also promises precise and efficient cuts every time.

Ideal for all types of backyards

The Speeco makes disposal of backyard wood waste extremely easy, and its compact build makes it suitable for all types of gardens. Its most versatile feature is the dual cutting operation of horizontal and vertical splitting that allows it to cater to all kinds of wood problems.

The horizontal splitting caters more to the smaller logs that can be easily transported to the splitter. This cutting action suits the smaller gardens more that are inhabited by a lot of shrubs. The vertical splitting, on the other hand, is all about going at the bark at its source. It is much more ideal for the heavier logs that cannot be easily transported.

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Robust body design with convenient features

The Speeco S40123300 comes with a patented log cradle design that supports a beam with engineered cylinder connection for increased strength and durability. It has 5.5 gallons of hydraulic fluid capacity that improves further on the splitting power.

And for stability on all forms of terrain, it comes with a ground stand with a trailer hitch flip.

Where does the Speeco fail to impress?

The Speeco is an amazing log splitter that is both affordable and extremely efficient. But it is at a disadvantage when it comes to being an eco-friendly alternative during garden treatment. Compared to its electric-powered competitors, it’s prone to emitting harmful fumes that might cause severe health issues if inhaled for too long.

Refueling it is a hassle as well, and gas based engines tend to require a more periodic maintenance than the electric ones.


  • 190cc Briggs Stratton 675 engine provides a splitting force of 22-tonnes
  • Horizontal and vertical splitting options make the splitter adaptable to all forms of log sizes
  • Unique cradle design with support beam keeps the splitter long lasting
  • 2 stage 11 GPM pump reduces the cutting time by giving an 11 second cycle time


  • Not as eco-friendly as we had hoped
  • Calls for regular maintenance of its parts and spark plug replacement

Happy Splitting!

As one of the most versatile splitters that is quite affordable to the average homeowner, the Speeco S40123300 may turn out to be your go-to when it comes to yard maintenance. Its user-friendly features make it ideal for the amateur looking to set out into gardening.

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