WEN 56230 Lumberjack 30 Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter Review: Reliable Wood Splitter At Your Disposal

lumberjack log splitter reviewsHave you been looking for the best log splitter for quite some time? Well, your search ends right here because I am going to introduce to you WEN 56230 Lumberjack. WEN is a reliable name in the portable generator, replacement parts, and portable power tools business. When you opt for 56230 Lumberjack, you get a variety of options. You can go for 22-ton gas, 6.5-ton, 6-ton or 30-ton 56230 Lumberjack. However, I am going to discuss the 30-ton gas powered log splitter here explicitly. This way you will be able to make your selection with ease.

Lumberjack Log Splitter Reviews: Key Features

Solid construction and powerful engine

This log splitter has a heavy gauge and welded steel construction. This is why 56230 Lumberjack can be termed as a reliable tool. It has a 212 cc powerful engine as well. It will not be a problem for you to split the log pieces into a diameter of 14 inches and length 25 inches.

The hydraulic cylinder and two-stage pump adding value to the log splitter

56230 Lumberjack has 4.5*24 inch hydraulic cylinder. Additionally, it has a 12 GPM pump as well. The cylinder and the two-stage pump work together for driving the steel wedge through the middle of a log. The key highlight is that the steel wedge is heat treated to deliver the best results.

Offers a towable frame

Moreover, this log splitter has a towable frame as well. The frame has a two-inch ball hitch for transporting up to 45 miles each hour. 56230 Lumberjack makes use of the best quality tires as well. It has 16-inch Pneumatic tires.

Provides an auto-return design

56230 Lumberjack offers an auto-return design. This means all you need to do is place a piece of wood on the splitter. It also needs to be pulled forward in a standard auto-return design. When you are done with this part, then the cylinder can easily cut the wood and returns back to the home position after completing the cutting. In this case, 56230 Lumberjack has a detent valve that offers the auto-return feature. This wood splitter proudly boasts of a cycle time of about 14 seconds.

Can easily operate for about 4 hours

You need to fill up the one-gallon gas tank, and this helps the log splitter to operate for four hours easily.

Easy access filtering system

What you will appreciate about this log splitter is that it has an exclusive filter system that is accessible. This is why it will not be a problem for you to manage the maintenance adjustments.

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Operates at a normal voltage

This log splitter can easily plug into an outlet having a voltage of 110 v. However, you may need a 25′ 12 special gauge extension cord.

Additional accessories

56230 Lumberjack has got safety chains as well.

Detailed instructions available

The best part is that you get detailed instructions when you buy this splitter. This way it will become easier for you to operate 56230 Lumberjack.

Customizable according to your lifestyle and needs

What you will truly appreciate about this log splitter is that you can customize it according to your needs. For example, at times you need to use 56230 Lumberjack with a generator. However, you need to remember the fact that the splitter will not be able to spin the motor with ease if the oil in the motor is cold. However, once the motor acquires the full speed, then the functioning of the motor is fine. You can avoid this by placing the splitter in a warm place and in this situation the generator can operate with immense ease.

Moreover, there are various other ways through which you can modify this splitter as per your needs. For example, if you live in a cold region, then you can change the oil accordingly. You can also replace the standard cord with a new one and splitter will continue to deliver great results.

Warranty available

When you buy 56230 Lumberjack, then you get a warranty of two years. This means that if you encounter any problems with this tool during this period, then the manufacturer will make it a point to get the issue fixed at the earliest.

How to make the best use of 56230 Lumberjack

Now, if you want to attain the maximum benefit from this splitter, then make sure that you become familiar with this tool. Explore the controls and location of the important buttons or levers. You should always make sure that you should not try to split more than one log at a time. However, if you notice that the Ram is fully extended and needs a second log, then you should place a second log for completing the separation of the first log. It is also important that the log should be stabilized before you decide to move the log splitter control.

How to extend the life of 56230 Lumberjack

Well, if you want 56230 Lumberjack to last for a long time, then you need to opt for splash lubrication. This lubrication process helps to extend the life of all components and internal parts of this wood splitter.


  • 56230 Lumberjack offers a two-handed operation which makes it easier for you to maintain a safe distance from the wedge of this log splitter.
  • This splitter has a fast operation.
  • It is quite easy to use
  • This wood splitter has a quiet operation, and you will not have to worry about any gas fumes.


  • The manufacturer needs to improve the quality of the packing.
  • It is also essential to improve the quality of the start button so that this tool can operate with ease.


WEN 56230 Lumberjack is a great option if you are willing to invest in a quality wood splitter. It is definitely not cheap but this investment is worth it because of the value offered by this tool. This is why you should think along the lines of opting in for this splitter.

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