Patriot Products CSV-3100B 10 HP Gas-Powered Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder Review

patriot chipper shredder reviewsThis wood chipper is a product by Patriot Products, Model CSV-3100B, but it is definitely more than what you think. It is a 2-in-1 machine, i.e. it works as a wood chipper as well as a leaf shredder. Starting with the frame, the body is inexplicably tough, and it has a unique design that is very different when compared to all of the other wood chippers out there. It comes in a jet-black color and has the look that proves how it can perform as a heavy duty chipper without any problem.

Patriot has been widely known for providing the best quality machinery, and we had scrolled past several wood chippers, looking for the one that seemed to catch our eyes. This wood chipper seemed to have the best reviews about any wood chipper we had read so far, and we were quite impressed by the low price as well, so without further ado, we decided to buy this wood chipper.

We would admit that we were just a little skeptical in the beginning because the price of this chipper was far lower as compared to the other chippers, but there was no limit to our delight when it arrived at our place.

The Features

The dimensions of this chipper are roughly 35 x 24 x 37 inches and weigh 187.7 pounds. When we talk about how it operates, the first and the most important thing is the engine. The more powerful the engine, the better a chipper performs, and the 10 hp Briggs engine that is accommodated in this chipper just explains that it can work quite well when it comes to heavy loads.

Heavy Duty Rotor

To describe in detail, the chipper consists of 2 chipping knives which are installed in the machine to handle branches. It claimed to chip branches with a diameter of up to 3 inches, and when tested, it did just as it had claimed. 6 y-hammers are also installed on this machine, which is a great plus as this feature is found almost nowhere in any other wood chippers. These 6 hammers work efficiently in the shredding of leaves.

But the cons here is that the blades sometimes needed more frequent sharpening when it comes to working with larger loads and thicker branches. If the blades aren’t sharpened, the results are often incomplete and the branches are not fully chipped. But on the brighter side, after sharpening the blades, the machine started working just like a new one!

Side Discharge

The most unique feature in this chipper is the side discharge, which discharged the waste steadily to the side, thus moving the chipper from one place to another isn’t even required. The chipper could work all day, standing isolated on a single spot.

Along with all of this, the cleaning of this chipper is highly convenient. The side post enabled us to easily pull out the blades whenever we felt a need to clean them up, and then they could be safely replaced and put back into their spot.

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Our Personal Experience

On the day it arrived, we attached it to our tractor and took it to one of our sites which were in a severe need of cleaning up. The chipper proved to be better than we’d ever expected it to be.

Chipping the woods was a breeze as we went further, deeper into the site. The branches were captured smoothly into the opening, and after passing through the chipping blades, all we could find were fine, smooth chips of wood, which felt like a waste when we threw it away because they looked perfectly eligible to be used in the paper and floorboard industries. The leaves weren’t even a barrier because they too were shredded without us even noticing.

As we noticed, the leaf shred product that we got from our site was highly beautiful and finely shred which did impress us, and the standard bag that was accommodated in the chipper was easy to move and unload. A large bag would never have been a good choice as they mostly get too heavy, and thus they are just too difficult to be lifted and require too much energy. We were also happy to find a pair of safety goggles in the package, which further added onto the safety that is already being provided to us by the chipper itself.

The Cons

Although it is totally reasonable, we just wished that the opening could’ve been bigger, so that we could’ve dealt with the thicker branches as well without having to waste so much of our time on chopping them first, and then putting them into the chipper. But overall, it would, of course, work just as efficiently as it claimed to do once the branches are chopped up.

No doubt, the engine in this chipper is highly powerful and is totally eligible for heavy duty work, which helped us to work for long hours on heavy tasks that required a lot of power. But the cons we faced was that we had to pull an average of three times before getting the engine to start up which definitely required so much energy of ours, but we still went through it without a lot of problems.

One thing we mostly had to face as a cons was that it was highly difficult to clear out the clogs of smaller branches that got stuck in the shredder. It required a lot of fuss to get it all out of it, but on the brighter side, it didn’t get clogged very often, so basically we didn’t have to fuss over it too frequently.

The Final Verdict

From our experience of using this wood chipper by Patriot for over a year, We would, without a doubt, recommend this to everyone out there who had been looking for a suitable wood chipper that can help in clearing fields and shredding leaves simultaneously. Looking at the price, this wood chipper performs far better than we ever expected!

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