NorthStar Log Splitter Reviews 2019

Editor’s Choice: NorthStar 37-Ton Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter

northstar log splitter reviewsSplitting logs by swinging an ax can be exhausting, and not all of us have the strength to handle an ax like a lumberjack. Log splitters make that daunting task much more manageable.

When it comes to log splitters, bigger is not always better, and you should not go for a large splitter unless you need it. Most homeowners undertake splitting projects to get wood for their fireplaces or outdoor campfires.

What kind of log splitter should you buy – manual, gas, or electric? Each one has its pros and cons, which are subjective to your needs and budget.

Which brand should you choose and how? We have handpicked one of the best brands out there – NorthStar.

Let’s take a look at the brand and its significant characteristics.

About the Brand

NorthStar products are manufactured in the Northern Tool & Equipment factory in the USA. The brand offers generators, log splitters, water pumps, pressure washers, and sprayers. Each NorthStar product is manufactured using best-in-industry technology. The brand’s products are made of high-quality, sturdy components.

NorthStar products come with the best-in-class warranty and provide the best service quality. Each product of this brand is extensively tested in a series of real-world procedures to ensure that the customers get a premium product.

Over the last 30 years, NorthStar has been committed to delivering tools that are synonymous with innovation, strength, and durability. Whether you are a professional or a DIY beginner, NorthStar log splitters are equipped to split all kinds of logs with ease.

There are half a dozen log splitters offered by NorthStar, but we have selected two of the best models that you must consider. An essential reason for picking NorthStar is the availability of over one hundred replacement parts and accessories.

Top 2 Product Reviews

Northstar 37 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

northstar 37 ton log splitter reviewsThe NorthStar 1131 Log Splitter packs a strong punch with a ram force of 37 tons that allows it to split logs measuring 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. The continuous force derived by the machine is about 34.3 tons, enough to handle most of your splitting tasks with ease.

What we like about this product is the low cycle time of 14 seconds. The powerful, fuel-efficient Honda GX270 Engine has a cast iron cylinder sleeve, steel fuel tank, and low oil shutdown. The idle down feature of the engine deserves a special mention as it reduces noise and saves fuel while the next log is loaded.

We picked this product as our top recommendation due to its versatility. If you have to split a large, heavy log that is difficult to load in the horizontal position, converting the splitter to a vertical position is a piece of cake.

Another win-win feature of this log splitter is the sturdy industrial-grade I-beam. You get added convenience in the form of bolt-on cradles that keep logs on the wedge and stop them from rolling off.

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  • 4-year consumer limited warranty, 1-year commercial limited warranty, and 3-year Honda GX Engine warranty
  • Exclusive Quad Filtration System prolongs and protects the life of the hydraulic system components
  • It consists of a two-inch ball coupler, high-speed tires, an adjustable jack with oversized wheel, and fenders – all of which help in easy maneuverability
  • High-quality components and top-notch manufacturing process
  • Steel-reinforced, heavy-duty hose
  • The decals start peeling off after using it for a while, and although it does not affect the functionality of the splitter, it looks terrible

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Northstar 30 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

northstar 30 ton log splitter reviewsThe second rank goes to a smaller and slightly less powerful variant of the NorthStar 1131 Log Splitter. The 110900 model packs a ram force of 30 tons, relatively less than 1131’s 37 tons. It also weighs less and is a bit more compact. We recommend the 110900 variant to anybody who feels 1131 will be too powerful for their splitting projects.

The fuel tank and cylinder are slightly smaller in this splitter, but that does not limit its splitting capability. Just like the 1131 model, it is an ideal option for splitting logs that are up to 25 inches long and 16 inches wide. The low cycle time of 14 seconds remains consistent between the two models.

What we like about this product is the fuel-efficient and powerful Honda GX200 Engine. It features an idle down feature that reduces noise and saves fuel while you load logs. The engine is powerful enough for splitting all kinds of wood and provides a continuous force of 27.8 tons with a gross torque at 2,500 RPM.

  • Auto throttle control to prolong engine life, reduce noise, and save fuel
  • Steel-reinforced, heavy-duty hose
  • 4-year consumer limited warranty, 1-year commercial limited warranty, and 3-year Honda GX Engine warranty
  • Exclusive Quad Filtration System prolongs and protects the life of the hydraulic system components
  • It is ideal for even ground and may be difficult to maneuver on a hilly, rugged area.
  • The decals may start peeling off after using it for a while

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Final Words

NorthStar has made a name for itself over the last three decades in the logging industry. The two log splitters we have reviewed are highly efficient, convenient, and powerful. Unless you need to split logs larger than 25 inches long or 16 inches wide, you won’t have to look at other options.

The warranty and after-sale service offered by NorthStar serve as the icing on the cake and will only make your experience better. Hopefully, your splitting adventures will get more straightforward with one of these two splitters.

Till next time!