NorthStar Log Splitter Reviews – 37-Ton 270cc Honda GX270 Engine

Splitting logs can be an impossible task unless you are built like a powerhouse. However, with the NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter, you can get the entire job done without swinging an ax. In fact, the splitter is designed with a powerful pump that does all the work for you. All you need to do is turn on the engine and feed the logs into the splitter. Yes, it is as simple as that, plus you will still have full control of the operation, as everything is conveniently located for easy access.

Northern Tool Log Splitter Reviews: Features

Designed To Preserve Engine

northstar 37 ton log splitter reviewsAs you probably already know, the engine is the most vital component of a splitter. If the engine malfunctions, it will either need to be repaired or replaced. Replacement engines such as the GX270 engine can be very costly depending on the brand.

However, NorthStar has your back on this one, because the company designed its horizontal/vertical log splitter with an “auto idle/throttle control”. This feature helps to reduce the wear and tear on the engine during operation. Not only does it help to preserve the life of the engine, but it also ensures that the engine operates efficiently by keeping the fuel usage at a minimum.

Protecting your hearing when operating large equipment is extremely important. Of course, you should follow all of the safety recommendations such as wearing safety glasses, earplugs and work boots. As mentioned above, the auto idle/throttle control plays a huge role in protecting the engine during operation. Well, it also works to reduce engine noise. This basically means that the splitter will operate on a lower audible range than other similar models.

Automatic Shutoff

northstar log splitter reviewsAnother important safety feature integrated into the NorthStar Log Splitter is the automatic shutoff. When the oil reaches a specific preset level, the engine will automatically switch off. This will ensure the life of the onboard engine by preventing it from running without oil.

Hydraulic Fluid Easy Fill

Before the NorthStar Log Splitter can be operated for the first time, you must fill it with hydraulic oil/fluid. The machine requires nine gallons of hydraulic oil to operate properly. Thankfully, NorthStar designed its log splitter in a manner that offers easy fill. All you need to do is follow the included step-by-step user’s manual to fill the oil into the splitter. Each step is very detailed with pictures so you can complete the process in less than 15 minutes.

270cc Honda GX270 Engine

northern tool log splitter reviewsIf the engine isn’t up to par, you can pretty much be guaranteed that your log splitter isn’t going to stand the test of time. In fact, the engine is likely the most important component of any log splitter. You will be happy to know that the NorthStar Log Splitter is equipped with a 270cc Honda GX270 engine which is very powerful and more than capable of splitting your logs in a hurry.

Max Log Size

While you’re at it, you’ll want to make sure that your log splitter of choice will be able to handle each and every one of your logs. If you’re dealing with a huge tree, there is a possibility that your log splitter will not be able to handle it. This shouldn’t be a problem with the NorthStar Log Splitter. It is capable of dealing with logs up to 25″ by 16″, hence you can say that it can handle bigger logs than most of its rivals.

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Since anything could go wrong in the future, it is absolutely pertinent to pay close attention to your log splitter’s warranty. After all, you’ll want to do your best to ensure that your money has been spent wisely. This is one area where the NorthStar Log Splitter knocks it out of the park. When used at home by a consumer, this unit is protected by a 4-year warranty; when used commercially, it will be protected for a period of 1 year. On top of that, the Honda engine warranty is protected by a 3-year warranty. This combination is great and goes a long way towards protecting your investment.

Take Advantage Of The Two-Stage Pump

When it comes to log splitters, pressure and horsepower are without a doubt two of the most important elements. Without the right amount of pressure, you wouldn’t even be able to split the log, and it is the horsepower that actually provides you with the pressure that you need. Of course, when it comes to achieving more pressure for harder woods you have to increase the horsepower. The need for additional horsepower not only bogs down the machine, but it can greatly reduce its lifespan over time.

This is why the NorthStar Log Splitter comes equipped with an innovative two-stage pump. This pump actually allows users to achieve the same pressure that they could achieve with a single stage pump while using even less horsepower. This not only makes this machine incredibly efficient, but it can reduce the wear and tear on the machine over years and years of use.

Equipped With A Handy Trailer Hitch

Have you ever tried to roll around a quality log splitter like the NorthStar Log Splitter? If you have, you probably already know that these machines are built for longevity and durability, which makes them extremely heavy and hard to maneuver. And, this is why this splitter comes pre-equipped with a trailer hitch. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to get into rough, uneven terrain or you are just trying to get up your driveway, all you have to do is hook the splitter up to the back of your truck and tow it everywhere you want.

In addition to this, the splitter comes with a tongue jack as well, which makes hooking the machine up to your truck or car easier than ever. Instead of having to lift the machine up and attach it your hitch you can simply take advantage of the tongue jack. Also, the jack makes working on even terrains more desirable, as you can raise or lower the splitter to suit your needs. When you combine these features with the two heavy-duty rubber wheels, this is truly one maneuverable device that can go just about anywhere.

Horizontal And Vertical Operation

When it comes to cutting trees and splitting logs, you never know what kind of terrain you are going to find yourself in. One day you might be working on a concrete paved driveway, while the next you might be working in the middle of a forest. Whatever the situation is, it won’t really matter if you invest in the NorthStar Log Splitter. This splitter has the capabilities to allow you to split logs both vertically and horizontally.


  • Protected by a 4-year consumer warranty
  • Honda engine is protected for 3 years
  • I-beam construction helps to prevent twisting
  • Heavy-plate stripper frees logs
  • Can be towed easily
  • 270cc engine


  • Very heavy
  • Hydraulic fittings may leak

Overall Assessment

All in all, the NorthStar Log Splitter is pretty impressive. It does have a few minor flaws, but they should not be considered deal breakers. This log splitter will definitely make your life easier. For that very reason, it is well worth the investment.

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