Ariens 917001 27 Ton Log Splitter Review

Whether a tree has fallen or you’re splitting logs for a project, you’ll need the right tool for the job. Trees are sturdy and durable after their long years of growing. Without the proper machine in your arsenal, it can take hours of wasted time to finish splitting wood.

Products produced by Ariens are machines with a high amount of regard. Therefore, their snowblowers and lawnmowers are the choice model for many different highly valued commercial properties.

They certainly didn’t cut any corners when producing the Ariens Company 917001 27 Ton Log Splitter. So far, the tool has far exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t wait to write this product review to share our experience.

But what makes this product different from the other log splitters out there? Why is the Ariens Company 917001 27 Ton Log Splitter your best choice over other brands?

To explore the answers to these questions, let’s take a closer look at the perks and features of the Ariens Company 917001 27 Ton Log Splitter.

Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter Reviews: Features

ariens 27 ton log splitter reviewsA middleman when it comes to Ariens models, the 27-ton log splitter gives you a lot of power for its price point. With a reliable engine and a great start, here are some of the other perks that this machine features.

Premium Subaru Engine

With a Subaru-powered engine, you know that this machine is packing tons of horsepower behind the hood. Subaru is easily one of the most trusted and reliable machines in the industry. Having this brand support the product alone is proof of its viability.

Wedge Designed Splitter

Having a tapered design for a log splitter is a brilliant and well thought out concept. It requires less force to cut logs and allows for fast and efficient work. The steel wedge slides through the wood like butter and is a more straightforward and stronger way to split.

40 MPH Towing Speeds

Let’s be real, half the battle of a log splitter is getting it to the work site or where it needs to be. With a 40 MPH towing speed you’re able to get from each gig faster and move on the roads with ease. As a result, your favored terrain doesn’t stand a chance against the durability of this machine.

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Highly Durable Components

The Ariens Company 917001 27 Ton Log Splitter features an all-steel body, cast-iron hydraulic pumps, high-temperature resistant hoses, and industrial-grade couplings. Seems like this machine was purposefully made to last and serve you for a very long time.

While other companies can cheap out by giving you subpar parts, Ariens went the full distance. This log splitter isn’t just a machine. It’s an experience.

Easily Accessible Controls

These well-designed controls have careful placements. This is helpful for tight situations which require flexibility from either the splitter or operator. Overall, this leads to the reduction of unnecessary movement from the user.

Vertical and Horizontal Splitting

The switch between either direction allows you to plan how you want to conquer the job. Having the ability to switch gives you access to the best angle, especially for large and bulky logs.

The Pros

  • Depending on the strength of the wood we were able to split pieces that were around 18 – 24 inches thick. This is more than any previous model that we’ve owned.
  • The Subaru engine allows for a reliable and hassle-free start. As a result, we can usually get it going on the first pull. This is an incredible feat considering the amount it takes to get some of our other tools working.
  • Most noteworthy is that the splitter comes with an attached work table. This is incredibly helpful for the user to get and keep wood in place without straining themselves.
  • The splitter runs smoothly and quietly for its size and power. The tool is much quieter than some of the other brands that we’ve tried to use in the past. Headphones are always still recommended for working with loud tools on the job.
  • The placement and design of the engine and controls are genuinely excellent, especially when the switch is far enough away when the engine is off. You won’t burn your hand as easily as you might with other models of log splitters.

The Cons

  • The engine is a little bit more thirsty for fuel compared to some of its counterparts. When you have a hardworking machine, it makes sense that it’s going to need more energy.
  • Another difficulty was regarding the assembly of the product. Due to the unclear written instructions, we did encounter some problems. This could be easily fixed with a quick instructional video posted on the Ariens website or social media accounts. Once it was properly placed together, it worked like a charm.
  • Bolting the engine directly to the platform caused some rattling and vibrations to the frame. This could probably be fixed with some anti-vibration mounts.

It’s Going Down; We’re Yelling TIMBER!

Overall, this is one of the highest quality log splitters that we’ve come across. This is especially true with the machine’s reasonable price point and a long list of features.

The power exhibited by the Ariens Company allows for a fantastic and reliable service. When we need a log splitter for the job, this machine is definitely our top choice.

In conclusion, if this is the type of quality that we can come to expect from Ariens, we really can’t wait to see what products they have in store for the future!

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