Ariens Log Splitter Reviews May 2024

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If you’re still using the old-school, difficult method to get firewood in winters, you need to give log splitters a try.

It’s about time to replace that dull ax with a powerful and efficient log splitter.

Many companies manufacture and sell log splitters. But what’s the best brand that will give you the most bang for your buck? Look no further, as Ariens is the perfect option for you!

We have analyzed the Ariens brand and reviewed two of its best log splitters to make your search easier. Depending on your splitting requirements, the two products we have handpicked may very well be the perfect options for you, especially if it’s not for splitting massive logs.

Without further ado, let’s cut to the chase!

About the Brand

Henry Ariens started Ariens in 1933 with just four employees in Wisconsin and now has over 1,500 employees across the USA, UK, and Norway. The company started with an old-school roto-tiller and now offers a range of products – riding mowers, snow blowers, log splitters, walk behind mowers, and power brushes.

The company entered the lawn and garden market with its first riding mower 60 years ago. Being in the industry for decades gives this brand a slight competitive edge over others. We have shortlisted Ariens as the best log splitter brand because it offers products that are thoughtfully designed with customer satisfaction as the top priority.

Ariens is committed to manufacturing best-in-class log splitters that can be used to split piles of wood logs with ease. Each product with the Ariens name on it is built with cast-iron components and durable steel materials to ensure customers get long-lasting performance. We applaud the tapered wedge design that requires less tonnage and force to split logs.

There are a couple of features of Ariens log splitters that set it apart from the other brands. Centrally located operator controls allow you to use the splitter from either side. The company offers splitters that can be changed between vertical and horizontal positions with utmost ease. Unlike a lot of other products, Ariens’ splitters can be towed at a speed of up to 45 mph, giving you the flexibility of taking it to different locations to get more splitting done.

Top 2 Product Reviews

After getting to know everything of importance about the Ariens name, let’s dive into a detailed review of its two best log splitters that should make your life easier.

Ariens 27 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

ariens 27 ton log splitter reviewsThe 917001 Log Splitter from Ariens houses a powerful 169CC Subaru® SP170 OH Engine that packs a powerful punch by providing a raw splitting force of 27 tons. It can be conveniently switched between horizontal and vertical splitting positions, as and when needed. We loved the centrally located operator controls that make using this machine a piece of cake!

It is powerful enough to split 25 inches long logs. We especially liked the cycle time of 15 seconds and were able to cut over two dozen logs in less than 30 minutes. It is unbelievably quiet and seamless for the kind of power it produces to chop your logs. You will appreciate the recoil starting system and 2 inches hitch coupler while using it.

It is worth emphasizing that the machine has a maximum towing speed of 45 mph, and is easy to take from one place to another. It has a hydraulic capacity of 4.5 gallons and a fuel capacity of 0.26 gallons. When it comes to gas log splitters, this is one of the best products available in the market.

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  • 3-Year Limited Consumer Warranty and 90-Day Limited Commercial Warranty
  • Durable and long-lasting components with an ergonomic design enable a prolonged useful life
  • Professional chassis with standard wheel fenders and tapered wedge design add a whole lot of convenience
  • The owner’s manuals for Subaru® Engine and the Ariens Log Splitter give excellent advice for long-term storage


  • The absence of anti-vibration mounts can result in the splitter vibrating a lot
  • The assembly is not very complicated, but a tutorial video would be helpful to simplify the process

Ariens 22 Ton Log Splitter Reviews

Ariens 917011 Log Splitterariens 22 ton log splitter reviews is a smaller, less powerful variant of our top pick. It provides a 22-ton splitting force. We especially liked the 174CC Subaru® EA175V OHC Engine with a 4.5HP recoil starting system. This machine is all about brute power and can easily split logs up to 25 inches long, just like its numero uno ranked peer.

You will appreciate the ability to seamlessly switch this splitter from a horizontal to a vertical splitting position or vice versa. When it comes to heavy logs, mounting them on the machine in a horizontal position can be difficult, and that’s when the vertical position comes to the rescue.

We liked how easy it was to transport it at a maximum towing speed of 45 mph. The consumer chassis and 2 inches hitch coupler are ergonomically designed for optimal splitting.

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  • It has an 11 GPM dual-stage hydraulic pump that holds 4.5 gallons of fluid
  • A cylinder cycle time of mere 13 seconds
  • 3-Year Limited Consumer Warranty and 90-Day Limited Commercial Warranty
  • Thoughtfully placed operator controls in the center allow usage from either side of the machine
  • All-steel body, cast-iron hydraulic pumps, and industrial-grade couplings make it highly durable


  • It can be tricky to split large, knotty logs with this splitter with 22 tons of force

Final Words

Like any other products, a log splitter will only function efficiently and last longer if you take care of it. We strongly recommend that you read the manual and follow the manufacturer’s guidance tips for maintaining the log splitter in good condition. As powerful as these two products from Ariens are, you need to be aware of their limitations and ideal usage conditions.

A little knowledge and practice will help you split logs like a pro. There is a learning curve here as well! As you continue on your log splitting journey, either of the two Ariens log splitters we have shortlisted is sure to be a blessing.

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