YARDBEAST 3514 429cc 14hp Wood Chipper Review

When I was 16, I made my first online purchase. It was a blunder. My mom yelled at me. Trust me; it was a nice assault on my ears. Her screams were louder than a pregnant lady delivering a child. Almost one decade later, you would expect me to be a smarter person. Well, not so much! But, my mom isn’t around to yell at me. Now, my wife yells at me. Not because she hates me, but she has grown tired of my lack-luster online shopping skills.

Well, some of you guys would care less about my life. But, I thought of providing some backstory to let you guys know that the review is written by an avid shopper who knows what he is talking about. Coming to the topic in question, I got the YARDBEAST 3514 Wood Chipper in the middle of an ordinary day (against my wife’s advice). As of this writing, the product has been in use for nearly nine months (roughly 120 hours of actual use). Therefore, let me tell you how this wood shredder treated me. Let’s start with the product features:

YARDBEAST Chipper Reviews: Product Features

yardbeast chipper reviewsAccording to the makers, the product is power-driven by new generation brigs and Stratton 1450 series along with 306cc and 14.50 ft.-lbs. of torque. The output — it will eat anything thrown at its jaws and also chip woods up to 3 inches in diameter without any hiccups. The makers state that the product is perfect for residential applications. For those who don’t know, it’s designed to handle twigs and leaves up to 5/8″ in diameter through the opening on the top.

In Use

After cutting dozens of trees on my property, I must admit that the chipper has solid power to it. The makers have built it like a military tank. It could easily survive a devastating hurricane. Well, I am not sure about the hurricane claim, but you guys must have got the message. To be point-blank over here; the shredder is built to last for several years and more. The machine sucked all the reasonably-sized branches that my yard had to offer, and it left me with lovely wood chips, which were much better than my expectations. Believe it or not, the motor did NOT stall even once.

Oh! I almost forgot. The machine fires up admirably fast. Frankly speaking, the machine was the definition of ‘unstoppable’ for me. I could do some ‘serious’ work with this tool for two full seasons. It saved my yard from resembling a jungle by clearing a mountain of bushes and branches. I was like, ‘Where have you been until now’? Of course, I did respect the size limitations of the branches that were put into the chipper. Also, I didn’t hurry with the feed. I pushed the materials firmly and steadily and allowed the machine to do its job.


  • The machine operates without jamming or getting stuck in the middle of the job. The motor rotates fast to deliver finer mulch like nobody’s business.
  • This bad boy is big and powerful, but not too hard to handle. Furthermore, it can be easily transported from one area to another.
  • Unlike similar products sold at the same price-point, this machine doesn’t jerk violently during use. Neither does it stop abruptly during work due to overheating or whatnot.
  • The machine functions well without any defects. Despite my minute scrutiny, I was not able to spot any manufacturing flaws in the product.
  • It’s a highly reliable home garden tool for any serious chipping job. It works the first time and every time thereafter. Plus, it works very fast.
  • Given its functionality, the wood chipper shredder will pay for itself after few uses. You will not feel the need to hire someone to haul the branches from your property.
  • Compared to the competition, you will get a lot done with this well-engineered tool without too much work. Your neighbors will never complain about the yard debris.
  • The YARDBEAST 3514 Wood Chipper is very reasonably priced for what it is. Simply put, the machine doesn’t come at a hard-to-swallow dollar digit.


  • This is not a self-feeding machine. So, you will have to thrust or push the branches into the chip.
  • The makers do not include a collection bag or a container to catch the output.
  • My cry-baby wife also found the feeding hole a tad bit narrow for her preference.
  • It’s as loud as other wood shredders out there on the market today. So, don’t expect any noise concession!

Word of Advice

The machine loves chipping. So, don’t forget your safety tools while using this tool. It’s highly recommended that you wear gloves and safety goggles to avoid injury to yourself. Also, go slow and don’t make it a rush job. Remember, the YARDBEAST wood chipper is not a commercial unit (that costs a fortune), so don’t treat it like one. Feed it gradually with correct size materials, and it will tear things up like a boss. So, listen to the motor and learn the feeding rate to shred an amazing amount of materials on the go. Basically, make sure to use this home machine workhorse logically, and it won’t disappoint you even in your dreams.


As you can tell from the product review above, this shredder helped me to have the last laugh. My wife didn’t scream or taunt me at all. Neither did she look at me with rolling eyes. Now, don’t be that person to judge my wife. She is a good-at-heart individual. I love her to the core. And, I am having a love affair with the YARDBEAST 3514 Wood Chipper too. After all, it didn’t create a ruckus in my house. On the whole, the wood shredder was well-worth the money spent on it. It’s one of the best garden tools I have ever owned. Even my hard-to-please wife would recommend it for residential applications without any reservations!

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