Forest King YTL23101 10-Ton Manually Operated Log Splitter Review

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Dealing with logs can quickly escalate into a nightmare. Just who in their right mind would want a battle ax in their hands, and go one on one with the mighty wood?

Therefore, it is best done by professionals. And by professionals we mean, the log splitter machine. Now, as always, you have two choices.

You could go for an automatic machine, operated by electricity and gasoline, or you could buy a cheaper solution, which is a manually operated log splitter.

We recently came across one such log splitter from YTL International named Forest King.

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Forest King Log Splitter Reviews Jun 2024: What did we like?

Functions as advertised

forest king log splitter reviewsOften it happens that there is little similarity between what we see in a product advertisement, and what we get after using the product.

But we’re glad to report that this isn’t the case with the YTL International Forest King log splitter. Those handle beams are indeed made of steel. This makes them rock solid for even the toughest operations.

There were no broken or damaged parts either. The anti-rust coating and paint on the metal frame are top notch as it barely scratches even with a sharp knife in hand. So full marks for build quality and presentation.

Handle uses alloy steel

A manually operated log splitter is as good as the parts used in it, especially the handle because you would use the handles to keep control over the entire process, and ultimately cut the logs.

The handle is made from high carbon steel. It is an alloy made from combining carbon, iron and just a little bit of nickel added into the mix. The result is a sturdy and durable handle that is adequately strong for the task at hand.

The handle also comes with a silicon and rubber cover for better grip.

Versatile across all log types

Perhaps one of the strongest suites of this splitter is its versatility.

We threw all kinds of logs at Forest King YTL23101 and it splitted them easily. We tried mahogany, teak, maple, and even aspen. None of them stood in front of the might of its powerful ram stroke.

Although, do note that the sizes which we tried were not more than 7 inches in diameter and barely exceeded 18 inches in length.

Still, in our opinion, the typical logs in the backyard shouldn’t be a problem at all.

No extra cost for operation

Let’s admit it, the only limitation in terms of hours of operation that this machine may encounter is your own strength and stamina.

You don’t need to plug in any cable, or put in any gasoline. All you need to do is get the machine out and start cutting.

This way, we feel that you save hundreds of dollars in fuel and electricity charges annually. You can use that money and utilize it elsewhere.

Also, this would be a good workout for all the slouchy folks.

What could have been better?

Well, for starters, larger wheelset. Don’t get us wrong, the portability is always a welcome addition, but not at the cost of ease of use.

Often we would find ourselves lifting this heavy machinery from the holes and crevices in the ground. The wheels are tiny!

They are barely capable of moving unhindered through your rough backyard ground.

Next on the list would be the inability to split large logs if needed. Imagine that a tree fell in your backyard and a huge one at that.

You would be severely underpowered for the job. Forest King can barely handle logs above the 18 inches length spectrum. Perhaps they could have used a larger and more powerful ram.


  • Well built
  • Good for day to day backyard tasks
  • No fuel or electricity needed
  • Easy to maintain with regular lubricants
  • Cheaper than fuel based ones


  • Wheels are too small
  • Could have had larger ram for larger logs

To sum up

Although for its few and far between shortfalls, Forest King YTL23101 does a good job at splitting logs.

We recommend this to anyone who is looking for a dirt cheap option instead of the more expensive electric and gasoline ones.

And of course, the good built never hurts, does it?

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