Farmer Helper BX42 16HP 3 Point Cat 1 Wood Chipper Review

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bx42s chipper reviewAre you in search of a chipper that will not only help you clean up your garden but is easy to use as well?

Then your search has brought you to the right review.

We all know how difficult it can get to select the right chipper from the vast array of modern lineup that the companies put up today.

So, with our readers’ problems in mind, we’ve created a review on an all-rounder of the wood chipping world.

The Farmer Helper BX42 Wood Chipper is not only a monster when it comes to chipping thick wooden logs, but the convenient features make it easy to operate for amateurs as well.

Let’s see if the Farmer Helper BX4 can be as attractive to you as it is to so many others.

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BX42S Chipper Review 2020: What makes the Farmer Helper Wood Chipper one of the best?

The quality of a chipper shredder is usually measured by how efficiently it chips and how quickly it can go through the thickest branch. This is one area in which the average chippers fail.

But the Farmer Helper BX42 is everything that a local chipper is not. It’s powerful, fast, efficient and versatile, and today we have listed some of the fantastic features that make it so.

High precision and efficiency

The Farmer Helper BX42 is equipped with reversible blades that are quite unique in design. Made with a precision cut, high grade, hardened steel, it maximizes the performance of the chipper by extending the life and reach of the cutting edge.

Its high-quality build makes it go through thick woods in a matter of minutes, thereby helping you save time to meet your more pressing deadlines.

Additionally, the air intake vents on the side of the chipper improve the efficiency of the blowing force. The air that enters through the vents is able to shoot the chips out of the chute up to a distance of 20 feet, which is quite remarkable if you ask us.

Amazing chipping force

The core of the BX42 is an oversized heavy duty rotor that houses reversible chipping blades. This larger than average diameter of the rotor allows it to have a much faster tip speed which in turn improves the chipping action. And the heavy gauge steel will maintain the correct momentum and help you power through the most robust wood as effortlessly as possible.

Behind the reversible blades are a set of integrated twig breakers that are specially designed to provide a higher output force and chip the wood into the smallest of sizes. This not only gives a more consistent chip size but also propel the chips even further out of the chute.

Beginner Friendly

The Farmer Helper BX42 comes with a very convenient design that any beginner will find it to be praiseworthy. The chipper has a pair of adjustable chutes which you can easily control and set, depending on where you want your chips. The chute along with the top deflector are even capable of swiveling 300 degrees to help you customize the output distance as you see fit.

But what truly makes this chipper attractive to the novice is the self-feeding mechanism. This product has a self-feed hopper which is designed to angle the brush against the rotor and blades, thus automatically pulling the branches into the chipper. And for greater convenience, the feed hopper is foldable for easier transport and storage.

What can the Farmer Helper improve in their BX42?

The greater a product’s features, the more significant are its flaws. Even though we believe that the Farmer Helper BX42’s pros dramatically overshadows its cons, there are still some shortcomings we would like to mention.

Even though the powder coat paint finish protects the chipper body from weather corrosion, it wears off much faster than expected. Additionally, the chipper is not suitable for the bigger tractors to use, courtesy of its portable diminutive size.


  • High-grade reversible blade that maximizes chipping performance
  • Additional air vents for better blowing
  • Oversized rotor with faster tip speed
  • Twig breakers keep the chip size consistently small
  • Adjustable chute
  • Convenient self-feeding


  • Paint wears off faster than expected
  • The small size of the chipper not suitable for larger tractors

Start Chipping Today!

To even garden care professionals, the Farmer Helper BX42 comes as a pleasant surprise. With heavy solid steel construction and simplistic design, the chipper is a jack of all trades when it comes to disposing of the backyard waste.

We hope you found our chipper review today to be helpful.

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