Oregon S402028H0 28 Ton Log Splitter GX270 Honda OHV Engine Review

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Firewood is an essential commodity when it comes to enjoying the convenience of a traditional fireplace on a winter’s night.

And if you would like to get firewood from the backyard, then you need no introductions to the troubles of log cutting.

The modern log splitter might be a fantastic way of getting the wood split, but more often than not, the average splitter either clogs or takes an immense amount of time to get the job done.

But no two splitters are the same, and today we are here to talk to you about one of the best. Built out of the best quality materials, the Oregon S402028H0 Log Splitter is all about speed and efficiency.

It is one of the most sought-after splitters in the market despite having its own fair share of imperfections. Now, let us show you why.

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Oregon Log Splitter Reviews Jul 2024: What keeps the S402028H0 a cut above the rest?

When it comes to power, force and faster cycle time, the Oregon 28-Ton Log Splitter truly has all its competition beat. With a larger than average 8 inches wedge and a robust hydraulic system, you’ll be able to split the thickest logs with relatively less fatigue.

The splitter also has a seamless transition between vertical and horizontal operations that will help you customize loading preferences according to your gardening needs. And the bonus of the towing capabilities makes transporting it around the yard a bit easier.

Let’s take an in-depth look at some of its fantastic features.

Splitting for years

oregon log splitter reviewsMost of the log splitters in the market today have an issue with durability. Not only are their cutting powers restricted to specific log widths and lengths, but they also clog and break down when that limit is exceeded.

The reliable Oregon log splitter, on the other hand, comes with a powerful 270cc Honda GX270 Engine that keeps the equipment running for years to come. And with 28 tons of commercial grade splitting force and 8 inches wedge, it breezes through logs even up to 26 inches in length.

Additionally, there are strip plates integrated into the splitter that adds the element of rigidity to its structure; it even helps in removing logs stuck to the cache funnel. The solid steel foot piece is strong and robust enough to handle load after load of logs.

Fast and efficient

This model saves time and helps you get back to your deadlines much faster than an average splitter would. Its ingenious design incorporates a larger hydraulic capacity with a 16 GPM pump, which dramatically decreases the cycle time for a faster splitting action.

An 11.5 second cycle time not only speeds up your work but improves its efficiency as well. And even though advertised as a professional grade log splitter, Oregon S402028H0 is quite popular among gardeners as well.

User convenience

Easy to use features and convenience are keys when it comes to operating a log splitter. Oregon S402028H0 Log Splitter allows you both horizontal & vertical splitting, and with a seamless transition between the two operations, you can choose either of the processes whenever you want.

The addition of the integrated log cradle allows the splitter to hold the logs in place for a safer splitting. You don’t have to get your hands dirty and cut off portions from the top part of the log as the splitter can feed itself.

Where does the Oregon 28 Ton log splitter lose in comparison?

The major drawback of Oregon S402028H0 lies with its mobility. An amazing hydraulic capacity may call for a faster splitting motion and lower cycle time, but it nevertheless adds surplus weight to the already bulky structure.

And along with the solid steel foot piece, the splitter gets too difficult to be moved. Its towing capabilities may solve this to a particular extent, but it doesn’t get rid of the problem entirely.

Moreover, the wheels that Oregon S402028H0 is equipped with doesn’t have enough traction for an uphill climb and doesn’t do well against bumpy terrain at all.


  • A powerful 270cc Honda GX270 Engine that keeps the splitter sturdy and durable
  • Solid steel foot piece improves log carrying capacity
  • Larger hydraulic capacity for reduced cycle time
  • Horizontal and vertical operations
  • Integrated log cradle for ease of use


  • Too bulky to move it around the garden effectively
  • Wheels lack traction

Final Verdict

Even with the issues of maneuverability, we believe that the Oregon S402028H0 Log Splitter is a must have for all garden tool enthusiasts who are planning to get into backyard treatment. Not only does it split long logs into one on the most evenly cut firewood, it goes about doing it at an astounding speed as well.

We hope you enjoyed our log splitter review today.

Till next time!

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