Titan Attachments Hydraulic Skid Steer Tractor 30 Ton Log Splitter Review

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titan log splitter reviewsFrom fetching firewood to cleaning up the yard, a log splitter can be used for various purposes.

But it is not always wise to just go for any splitter that peaks your fancy, as it may not be suitable for your gardening needs.

And if by chance you are looking for an industrial grade splitter that fulfills domestic demands as well, then we have just the right splitter for you.

The hydraulic log splitter from Titan Attachments is perhaps one of the most powerful and robust of its class. And unlike its competitors, it is easily capable of catering to gardeners.

As one of the best in log cutting, its 30 tons of splitting force makes short work of the thickest of branches and saves you a significant amount of time to help you meet all your deadlines.

Let’s see if it can cater to all your backyard issues.

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Titan Log Splitter Reviews May 2024: Why is it a ‘cut’ above the rest?

The log splitter from Titan Attachments is a fantastic tool to have when you have to gain firewood or clean up the trees that have been damaged by disease or storm.

Its industrial grade build might make it feel complicated to use, but operating it is quite easy and is ideal for residential use as well.

So, let’s take a look as to what makes this splitter so unique.

Amazing versatility with the power to boast

The majority of the wood splitters in the local market are either vertical or horizontal. But with the convenience of their customers in mind, Titan Attachments goes a step further and provides their splitter with binary operations.

The decision is now solely on the user as to how to use it based on the size and shape of the logs. And if you’re concerned about efficiency, you’ll be happy to know that both vertical and horizontal uses will deliver the same amount of power.

Additionally, the four-way splitting blade gives much-needed efficiency and makes it less likely to get stuck or fail in splitting wood. With a splitting force of 30 tons, no amount of wood splitting is far from its reach; it can effortlessly split logs up to 24 inches in diameter.

Convenient to use with special features

It’s true when garden tool reviewers say “a quality splitter is never lightweight”, and the same can be applied for the Titan Attachments as well. Its amazing versatility comes from how heavy it is. Weighing around 570 pounds, it is much heavier than other similar units but far superior to them when it comes to robustness and durability.

Moreover, the wood splitter comes with a universal tractor mount that can match any tractor with ease. And the special Skid Steer Quick Tach feature dramatically improves the efficiency of the splitting process by making it easier to use.

Ideal for all users

The wood splitter from Titan Attachments is all about performance, and even though it comes classified in the professional category of the spectrum, it’s quite popular among residential users as well.

The splitter even boasts a medium size splitting capability, unlike most of the other models at that price range. Sure, if allowed the splitter will cut logs larger than this, but we always recommend that you prioritize efficiency over bulk.

Some things Titan Attachments should change in their log splitter

Some gardeners might feel that the splitter is too heavy and its immobility is a burden. As it is not always possible to transport the wood to the splitter, cutting it at the source might be the only viable option, which this splitter will not be able to provide.

Additionally, we noticed that while using the vertical cutting position, the splitter had the tendency to lean backward, thereby reducing its cutting efficiency.


  • Four-way splitting blade makes it incredibly efficient
  • Cuts log up to 24 inches in diameter
  • Doesn’t allow clogs
  • Universal truck mount fits all trucks
  • Powerful 30 tons of splitting force goes through the toughest of logs


  • Vertical position cutting may tend to lean back from time to time
  • 570 pounds makes it too heavy to move around the garden


Though the Titan Attachments wood splitter may look like a commercial grade log splitter, it comes with a variety of benefits for gardeners as well. Not only can you use it to clean up your yard, but also be able to acquire firewood for years to come.

We hope the Titan Attachments’ amazing features was able to tick all the boxes in your checklist.

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