Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter Review

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The modern range of log splitters is all about power and user convenience.

But with a vast array of attractive features, it becomes increasingly difficult for the gardening-tool enthusiast to choose the right one that will fit their needs.

And if you’re one such who is trapped in the same dilemma, then do not worry, for we have got you covered as today we bring you one of the top contenders for the first spot in the category of wood splitting.

The Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter is as powerful as it is convenient to use, therefore making it quite popular among professionals and amateurs alike.

And with its vast range of fantastic features, we are confident that it will become a go-to gardening tool for you as it is for so many others.

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Power King Log Splitter Reviews Dec 2021: What makes it so unique?

power king log splitter reviewsIt is often considered that a kinetic log splitter cannot generate as much splitting force as a hydraulic one. Well, that fact may be true when it comes to the average kinetic splitters in today’s market, but when the Powerking is concerned, that very fact itself is quite misleading.

The Powerking is able to generate a little over 34-tonnes of splitting force with an integrated 450 RPM flywheel and an automatic ram, which is more than what most hydraulic splitters are capable of, even with their 3-point tractor attachment capabilities.

And with the help of its superior build, it eliminates all the hose, pump and valve hassles of a hydraulic splitter, thereby making the Powerking quite easy to use and long lasting.

Raw splitting power

The Powerking’s most unique feature is that even though it is a kinetic splitter, it generates a fantastic amount of splitting force of just over 34-tonnes. This power makes sure that the splitter is able to go through the most robust logs in a matter of minutes thereby saving you a lot of time and energy.

Apart from the 450 RPM flywheel and an automatic ram, the majority of the splitting force comes from the built-in 6.5 HP 4-Cycle Kohler Command Pro Engine. This reliable engine comes with a manageable recoil that effortlessly adapts to any seasonal changes, and no matter rain or snow the mechanism won’t jam or corrode.

Additionally, the feature of the Quad-Clean™ all-season, four-stage, cyclonic air filtration keeps the splitter extremely durable by protecting the engine from weather elements and debris.

Beats most hydraulic splitters

The Powerking has most hydraulic splitters beaten concerning power and splitting speed. The 450 RPM flywheel is able to generate a 3 second cycle time that exponentially reduces the time it takes to split a log.

Additionally, the automatic ram returns after every cycle to provide a seamless, non-stop wood splitting experience which is hassle-free and user-friendly. The hydraulic splitters, on the other hand, are at a disadvantage as it is bogged down by additional parts like the hoses, pumps, valves, cylinders, filters, and couplers.

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Convenient user-experience

With the customer’s convenience in mind, the Powerking 34 Ton Kinetic Splitter comes with a large work table that supports logs of 20” in length and 27” in diameter. It even contains extendable splitter wedges that hold their own even under the harshest log conditions.

The additional installation of the 2” foldable hitch makes sure that you have the convenient working space for splitting logs off the table. And the all-terra wheels keep the splitter highly mobile and portable.

What should Powerking improve in their 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter?

The Powerking, by all means, is one of the best log splitters in its price range. It is affordable, powerful and mobile, but it fails when it comes to versatility. Its splitting action is quite unidimensional, and it doesn’t have an interchangeable operation between horizontal and vertical splitting.

At times it may not be possible to bring the log to the splitter, and the wood must be cut at its source. Such circumstances require a vertical cutting action, which the Powerking is not capable of providing.


  • 5 HP 4-Cycle Kohler Command Pro Engine provides 34-tonne kinetic splitting force
  • 450 RPM flywheel generates a 3 second cycle time that reduces the splitting time
  • Automatic ram makes for a seamless splitting action
  • Large work table and foldable hitch make for a convenient user experience


  • A single unidimensional cutting action


Even though of kinetic build, the Powerking Log Splitter is a beast when it comes to log splitting. With fantastic user-friendly features and power to boast, it ticks all the boxes on our checklist and comes with a two thumbs up from our side.

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