Brush Master CH4M17 420cc Chipper Shredder Review

brush master chipper shredder reviewsWhen a company attaches the word “commercial” to a product, they are making an unspoken promise to the consumer that an industrial grade, well designed, sturdy product that can take a lot of abuse and keep doing good work is being offered to them at a price that makes sense, given the benefit of such quality. That is a very high standard to meet.

The Brush Master 15 HP Commercial Duty Chipper Shredder could very easily be called a shade less than “commercial,” but that is not to say it is a bad or inferior product. It simply means that it does not meet the above criteria in a complete way. This product could be used by a residential gardener or landscaper commercially, and that may have been enough for the team at Brush Master to add that tag. However, most would agree that having some possibility for commercial application is not enough on its own to warrant the label.

Moving on.

Anyone that has a yard or a small piece of land or any person in charge of maintaining those could definitely make good use of the Brush Master 15 HP Chipper. It is certainly an effective tool for grinding up smaller branches and twigs into chips or mulch.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons.


  • brush master chipper reviewThe Brush Master 15 HP Commercial Duty Chipper and Shredder makes cleaning up an area full of brush, branches and/or twigs a little simpler. It helps minimize the sheer volume of the waste you gather by grinding it all into finer, smaller pieces that can be packed together more tightly for disposal or dispersion.
  • It gives you the ability to fit what would normally be an entire pickup truck bed full of waste into a few trash bags which is a fantastic space saver, and not having to do the arduous work of loading and dumping all of that bulk is a massive time saver too.
  • When held up against other “domestic” machines, it is a monster and overpowers almost everything else. The reader should note the word “domestic”.
  • It has a powerful 420cc motor that allows it to make easy work of anything you can fit into its two-way feed or over-sized funnel. This is where you can see the product shine. It is powerful, effective and easy to use when it comes to chipping and mulching your branches, twigs and brush.
  • It is very easy to assemble as there is very little to put together when it arrives.
  • The trailer hitch, which would be a “must buy” if one were to purchase a Brush Master, helps make the chipper less terrifying to move as it can be attached to an ATV or a lawn and garden tractor.
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  • At 275 pounds, the machine is not easy to move by hand at all. Imagining a person hauling this from house to house as a neighborhood landscaper or gardener by hand seems far-fetched. With the very top-heavy design, it feels like the Brush Master could tip over at any moment. Righting it would be a heroic task if one were moving it alone. The tow hitch is the only saving grace for this issue.
  • The fact that the machine is very top-heavy and threatens to tip any time it is moved by hand means it needs to remain stationary during a job. If you are maintaining a smaller plot of land, this is not a big deal because a quick walk to and from the machine is only a matter of a few steps. Larger areas will mean a lot more walking back and forth and a lot more energy burned.
  • For some unknown reason, the output on the machine is on the bottom of the machine. If you have a medium to large pile of branches to chip or mulch, you will wind up in big trouble very quickly if you do not remain aware of the pile up underneath the machine or it will clog. If it were light enough, mounting the Brush Master to something to get the output higher could be a solution, but at 275 pounds that would be a tall task.

At the end of the day, it can be concluded that the Brush Master 15 HP Commercial Duty Chipper Shredder is a useful tool. If it is kept in one spot, in a yard or mounted to a gardener’s truck or trailer, the machine is really handy. It really does power through twigs, branches, leaves and brush in an impressive way. In that area, the Brush Master Chipper and Shredder does its job very well.

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