A Thorough Powerhorse Chipper-Shredder Review

powerhorse chipper shredder reviewAre you in the market for a brand-new shredder? When you begin your hunt, you will quickly discover that your options are plentiful. This can make the decision process so much more difficult. Along the way, you will definitely want to stop and take the time to check out the Powerhorse. This unit is accurately priced, thanks to its amazing performance, impressive durability, and its ease of use. The 420cc engine and the ease of portability ensure that you’ll have your yard free of limbs and branches in a hurry! What else do you need to know about the Powerhorse Chipper/Shredder? You’ll find out below!

Powerhorse Chipper Shredder Review: Features


To ensure that your chipper doesn’t become an inconvenience, you’ll want to choose one that fits in your garage fairly easily. This is why it is pertinent to check out the unit’s dimensions. The Powerhorse measures in at 36.5 by 28.5 by 56 inches. While the unit isn’t the smallest in the world, it will still fit in most garages without too much difficulty. The unit’s size helps to ensure that it is able to cut through bigger branches than many of the alternatives.

Powerful Engine

The Powerhorse is equipped with a 15 HP 420cc gas engine. You can guarantee that the engine will provide you with all of the power needed to get the job done as quickly as possible. With 15 HP, you’ll be able to chop through pretty much any branch imaginable. The engine is equipped with a cast iron sleeve. Another great thing about the engine is that it is built to last. As long as you oil it regularly, it’ll last many, many years. This is yet another perk. This unit is equipped with a low oil shutdown feature.

When the engine is low on oil, it’ll automatically shut off and warn you. This ensures that you do not accidentally burn out the motor.

4.7 Bushel Bag

Your chipper is going to create a mess. Those branches aren’t just going to disappear after all. Instead, they’ll be turned into much smaller chips, which can be used as mulch. To help you avoid making a mess, the Powerhorse is equipped with a 4.7 bushel collection bag. The bag is massive and more than capable of holding a significant amount of mulch. The bag is easy to secure to the machine and it remains in place at all times. This ensures that the machine is effective and efficient.

Excellent Portability

Despite being large and heavy, the Powerhorse Chipper is actually very easy to move from location to location. This is very important since you’ll want to grind up branches all around your yard. This unit is equipped with a built-in handle and 13-inch pneumatic tires. Just grab the handle and tilt the machine backward. Then, you’ll be able to roll it around with breaking your back. The ease of portability definitely makes this one of the easiest chippers to use and store.

The tires are really impressive. They’re incredibly durable and versatile. They can easily maneuver through all different types of terrain.

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Good Warranty

You never know what is going to happen in the future. Therefore, you should always protect your investment. This is why you should consider buying the Powerhorse. This unit is protected by a 24-month warranty. If anything goes wrong in two years, the company will fix the problem for free.

Low Center Of Gravity Design With Built-In Handle

Unfortunately, when it comes to chipping, there are going to be a lot of times when you have to maneuver into even and rough terrain. With large, heavy chipper this can be a difficult task that might seem nearly impossible to achieve. With that being said, this truly is something that you won’t ever have to experience when you invest in the Powerhouse Chipper/Shredder. This model was specifically designed with the well-balanced low center of gravity design so that users can easily maneuver the device through whatever terrain they need to.

In addition to this, the device comes equipped with a sturdy and well-built handle, which makes transportation even more convenient. If maneuverability and transportation are two of your major concerns, when it comes to investing in a shredder you truly will not go wrong with the Powerhouse Chipper.

Cuts Debris Up To 4 Inches In Diameter

The Powerhouse Chipper is without a doubt one of the most effective cutting machines that you will find available on the open market. And this is all in thanks to it unique and durable design. The chipper comes equipped with two hardened chipping knives, ten hammers, and ten shredding blades. When you combine all of these amazing features together it gives this device the power to easily cut right through branches, twigs, and limbs up to four inches in diameter.

This is truly a quality design that is usually found on most commercial devices. But, the Powerhouse Chipper/Shredder offers homeowners and residential cutters the same features as the professionals.

Take Advantage Of The Electric Start

If you are like most individuals you are probably used to those wood chippers that require a pull string start. This is extremely similar to the operation and starting sequence of a lawnmower. While there is really nothing wrong with this design it can be truly difficult in tight situations. Not to mention, that there are tons of possibilities for technical problems. Fortunately, this is something that you never have to deal with when you invest in the Powerhouse Chipper. This machine comes equipped with a handy push-button electric start. This not only makes starting the device in tight locations extremely easy, but also it makes the starting sequence easier overall.


  • Onboard 420cc gas engine
  • Automatically shuts down when oil reaches the minimum level
  • Two large 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Very maneuverable regardless of heavyweight
  • Large, durable handle
  • Handles branches up to 4-inches in diameter
  • Includes a 4.7 bushel bag for catching mulch
  • 10 shredding blades and 10 hammers


  • Assembly is a little complex
  • Collection bag could be bigger, as it fills up extremely quickly

Overall Assessment

The Powerhorse Chipper Shredder is a machine to be reckoned with, as it is capable of grinding up 4-inch diameter branches and twigs on the first attempt. The chipper is very maneuverable and will roll over rough terrain with ease. The large handle and 13-inch pneumatic tires should be accredited for the super maneuverability. The steel construction will ensure the chipper provides an extended service life. In addition to this, the chipper is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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