A Thorough Review Of The Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602

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toro stump grinder reviewAre you sick and tired of looking at those old stumps in your yard? Isn’t it time you got rid of them? In order to do so, you need access to the right equipment. If you’re looking for a cost-effective stump grinder, you should look no further than the Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602. Toro is one of the most reputable brands in the industry which has been in the game for many, many years and they’ve almost always managed to satisfy the competition. What sets the 22602 Stump Grinder apart from the others? You’ll find out in the review below.

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Toro Stump Grinder Review May 2024: Features

Honda GX390 13 HP Motor

When it comes to motors, you can be guaranteed that Honda is a winner, as their motors are ultimately long-lasting, so you can rest assured that you’re going to get your money’s worth. This is one of the bigger perks associated with the Toro Stump Grinder as it utilizes the Honda GX390 13 HP motor. On top of that, the motor offers 13 HP of power which is sufficient for you to grind through pretty much any stump in your way.

Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blade

Getting the right blade can make a huge difference. If you make the wrong choice, there is a good chance that your cutting experience is going to be rough, and you’ll probably get tossed around a little. This is where the Toro Stump Grinder outshines the competition. This unit is equipped with a 12-tooth tungsten carbide Quadrublade which ensures that your cutting experience will be smooth and easy. Another benefit is the fact that the blade is easily accessible, making it effortless for you to sharpen or replace the blade at some point in the future.


While you’ll want a stump grinder that is large and in charge, you will not want one that will completely hog all of the room in your garage. This is a good thing about the Toro. It is definitely big enough to get the job done right but at the same time smaller than many of the alternatives. The unit measures in at 29.5″ by 76″ by 42″, so most people will have no problem finding room for this unit.

Rubber Gaskets For Less Vibration

Excessive vibration can be a real problem for stump grinders as it will make the user feel uncomfortable. At the same time, the vibration will put a lot of wear and tear on the internal components. The good news is that Toro has found a way to keep the vibration to a minimum by positioning rubber gaskets in between the internal components. This greatly reduces the amount of vibration that you’ll experience during use, and it’ll also make your unit last a tad bit longer.

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Easy Maneuverability

The two large back wheels along with the ergonomically designed handle offer superior maneuverability. In addition to this, the controls are conveniently located just below the handle. Everything you need to grind up the most difficult stumps is at your fingertips, thanks to this convenient design. Once you position the blades over the stump, the handle will allow you to continue controlling the grinder until the job is complete.

Well-Balanced And Extremely Easy To Use

When it comes to grinding stumps, the whole process can be difficult and tough, which is why it is imperative that you have the right tools and equipment for the job. Not only will this make the entire process easier, but it could save you some wear and tear on your body as well.

The truth of the matter is that you will not find any grinder available on the market that is as easy to use and operate as the Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602. With its extremely well-balanced design, it doesn’t matter if you find yourself on rough or even terrain, because this grinder will be able to handle it. The machine can really take those tougher jobs and make them so much simpler.

Life Handles Make Life So Much Easier

Whether you own a stump grinding business or you are taking your new toy over to your parent’s house to grind some stumps for them, you probably already know that loading and unloading the machine is going to be a job in and of itself. Well, when you invest your money in the Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602, this is something that you won’t have to worry about thanks to the easy-lift handles which are installed in strategic locations so that you and another individual can easily load and unload the grinder. This will not only make your job easier in the long run, but your back will be thanking you at the end of the day.

However, you will need two people or even three. The unit is very heavy at 240 pounds!

Easy To Access Oil Plug And Air Filter

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a lawnmower engine or a stump grinder engine, the oil plug and air filter are without a doubt two of the most important components that cannot be overlooked. Without clean oil and properly flowing air, your stump grinder will not be able to deliver the kind of performance that you need on a daily basis. This is why the Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602 makes checking the oil and air filter extremely easy. Both of these components are located at convenient, easy-to-access locations so that you can easily check both the oil and airflow every time before operating the device.


  • Honda GX390 13 HP motor is powerful and built to last
  • Rubber gaskets help reduce vibration
  • Well-balanced design ensures easy use
  • The durable clutch is capable of handling abuse of stump impact
  • Not too big or too small
  • Blade lasts a long time and is easily accessible for quicker replacement


  • A little heavy at 240 pounds
  • Is not self-propelled

Overall Assessment

At the end of the day, there is a lot to like about the Toro Model 22602 Stump Grinder. It appears to be fairly basic at first, but it is still efficient enough to get the job done correctly. With a supremely powerful motor and long-lasting blade, you can rest assured that this unit will get the job done over and over again. Plus, the gaskets help to reduce vibration. This makes the Toro Stump Grinder a great product to use. Despite a few cons, there is a good chance that most consumers will be completely satisfied with this unit.

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