House of Contractors HS-2000 Honda GX390 Stump Grinder Review

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We’re sure that you have tried every tool at your disposal to get that last bit of tree trunk out, or that last piece of root.

You might have tried various stump grinders or tree root cutters from different manufacturers as well. But what if we told you, that one of the better ones might have skipped your attention?

We are talking about the stump grinder from House of Contractors which is powered by a Honda GX390 engine.

So, if you think you could use some insight into the benefits and limitations of this trunk cutter, just read on.

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Why do we like this stump grinder

A capable motor at the helm

We all know how reliable a Honda engine can be. And this is precisely why HoC has used the ever-reliable GX390.

As the name suggests, it is a 390 cc engine which uses 4 strokes to develop close to 13 HP. And the engine uses the same old gasoline which shouldn’t be a problem to get at all.

There is ample amount of power at your disposal to let the machine function tirelessly in your backyard, or wherever you deploy it.

Tough blades for the job

Power is one thing, but to channel it successfully to the workpiece is something different. And for this, HoC has used one of the hardest substance manufactured by mankind – Tungsten Carbide.

It scores 9 on Mohs scale, a scale designed to measure how hard a substance is. Only diamonds score a 10!

We are emphasizing this because we found the technology to be extremely reliable and tough. You won’t have any broken blades while cutting away that last, stubborn piece of trunk.

And what’s better is that the blades are arranged in saw-like formation with 12 apiece on the rotating disc. They measure around 12 inches deep.

This ensures ample cutting depth for any type of tree; even the hardy ones like aspen and maple.

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Portability with brake assist

If so much power is available at your behest, it’s only logical to have sufficient stopping power too.

Capable at the job is a set of well-equipped drum brakes placed on each wheel. The brake levers are aptly placed to be right within your reach, if and when you face an emergency.

And as the HoC Stump grinder comes with a set of wheels below the chassis, this offers excellent portability. We had no problems while moving the equipment around whatsoever.

One year of engine warranty

What is better than having a reliable engine, you may ask? Just one thing; having a warranty on the engine as well.

We are glad to inform you that the warranty is 1 year on the engine, which covers manufacturing defects and shortcomings in operation as well.

Emergency stop buttons

This is quite a thoughtful feature to add. If the machine is left unattended or any mishap is suspected, pushing those emergency buttons is a really quick way to stop all operations.

After all, high speed and power when combined with the toughest blades, can sometimes lead to unwanted situations leading to the loss of life or limb.

What could have been better?

Although the hardest material has been used for the blades, we think that a normal bloke operating in his typical backyard could use an option that is not so overqualified for the job.

Another thing that we didn’t like is the lack of child lock, which is a must-have security feature that is present even in the simplest of electronics, like washing machines and microwave ovens.


  • Powerful and reliable engine
  • Very durable blades
  • Emergency buttons
  • Good cutting depth
  • Presence of brakes
  • Mobility


  • Lack of child lock
  • Warranty available only on the engine
  • Long hours of operation may consume more fuel

Final Thoughts

No option is the best one. And neither is a product perfect. But, we found that the stump grinder from HoC came closest to perfection. Be it the engine, or the blades, the positives are many.

Although the lack of a child lock feature can be disconcerting for some, we recommend this product to anyone who can overlook it based on their situation.

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