House of Contractors HS-2000 Stump Grinder & Tree Root Trunk Cutter Review

That stump has been in your yard for years… and it’s still there now. It is still on that to do list. It is still on your mind. It is time to make something happen.

When you get your hands on the House of Contractors Stump Grinder and Tree Root Trunk Cutter, you will immediately notice just how sturdy and strong it is. You will feel confident that the piece of equipment you hold in your hands will be enough for the job and you will be able to do it on your time, in your way and (if you prefer) on your own.


The HOC Stump Grinder is a tool that practically any adult can use. It is as simple as getting the Honda motor running, pointing it at the stump you to get rid of, starting the blades spinning and walking over your target. The finer points of operation can be found in your user manual along with crucially important safety information that you need to know before you operate the machine; but at its heart, the process is uncomplicated.

A manageable little monster, the HOC Stump Grinder weighs in at an impressive 250 pounds. That means that when you need to move it to a job site, unless you are enormously strong, you are going to need a helping hand or two when loading and/or unloading the machine from your truck or SUV. HOC was smart to add some lift-assist handles to make it less complicated to pick up. You will notice, though, that once it is on the ground one person can move it with ease. The welded-steel frame holds rigid and strong in your grip and makes the HOC Grinder far less imposing than it seems when you are trying to lift it in or out of a vehicle. HOC has also added an adjustable handle bar so that the user can choose between four different heights on the machine to suit their best angle and most comfortable stance.

As you begin your work on an area of smaller stumps (8 inches in diameter or less) you will really begin to see the HOC Stump Grinder and Tree Root Trunk Cutter shine in its fullest glory. You will feel the ease when this beast chews through them in minutes. The sheer volume of work you will be able to finish with the HOC Grinder will astonish you as you clear away what would have taken days by hand in a few hours.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that the HOC Stump Grinder struggles against larger stumps; it does get the job done. It is important to know that you will need to be prepared to spend a lot more time on bigger stumps. Once you begin work on larger stumps, you will feel time starts slowing down… a lot. It will seem that every inch beyond two feet in diameter increases your grinding time incrementally. It is, certainly, mentally taxing to say the least; but if you are honest with yourself, getting rid of a two-foot stump in under an hour is pretty quick. You will definitely feel like you are making no progress when you have been standing at the same stump, grinding away, for half an hour. However, when you press past the tedium, you will see, in hindsight, that you took care of a lot of business in a relatively short time.

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Now, let’s see the machine in action:

Here are a few of the most important “pros” and “cons” of the HOC Stump Grinder and Tree Root Trunk Cutter:

The Pros

The HOC Grinder is easy to move around a large area despite its weight. Any healthy adult should be able to handle it with ease.

The HOC Grinder is equipped with an overpowered Honda GX390 Motor that allows it to decimate almost anything in its path as it grinds away unwanted stumps and roots.

The welded steel frame is sturdy and built to last. You will feel like you can rely on the instrument in your hands.

The adjustable handlebar makes comfort a simple task.

The Cons

It is heavy. Really heavy. Do not even try to lift this machine on your own. The HOC Stump Grinder is supposed to be moved to or from vehicles by multiple people or individual bodybuilders (maybe). You have been warned.

Larger stumps slow the HOC Grinder down quite a bit. You still spend less time on bigger stumps than you would spend using other means, but it will still feel like forever.

That stump has been sitting in your yard for a long time. It is time for that thing to go. The HOC Stump Grinder and Tree Root Cutter is the tool you need to use to take your land back. Easy to use, adjustable and efficient; it is the machine for the job. Get one, and get it done!

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