Simplicity Riding Mower Reviews 2020

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Editor’s Choice: Simplicity 2691458 Regent Mower

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If all my years in the lawn care industry has taught me anything, it’s that picking the right mower for a particular trimming job is never easy.

So, a lot of the times I either have to go for a trial and error method to see if the mower fits the job at hand or search for a machine that is versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs.

A mower that can fit a variety of user needs is a rarity in itself. However, if you’re looking for one such machine, then I have just the model for you today.

The Simplicity riding mowers are as consistent in its performance as they are versatile. They come with a category of fantastic features, which I am confident will suit all your lawn care desires.

Simplicity Regent Reviews 2020: What makes it such an amazing buy?

simplicity regent reviewsMy brother has been using the Simplicity Regent Lawn Mower for months now. And he told me that out of all the garden trimming machines that he has used over the years, the Simplicity gave him the best all-round grass cutting consistency and performance.

Even though the compact build and design of the mower made me have my reservations at first, but after trying it out for myself, I must say that my brother wasn’t exaggerating about the mower’s performance at all.

The Simplicity Regent Lawn Mower has become one of my favorites ever since, and today I will tell you a little about why that was the case.

Breezes through any type of lawn

The Regent Lawn Mower comes with something which Simplicity refers to as the “Free Floating Mower Deck”. It’s their trademarked company technology which designs the fabricated cutting deck of the mower in such a way that allows the machine to effortlessly follow the contours of any lawn structure and provide a scalp free cut.

The Regent Lawn Mower comes with a very powerful Briggs and Stratton Professional Series Engine. And it’s a trend for a lot of the powerful mowers to scalp the lawn surface and rip up the turf under certain conditions.

The “Free Floating Mower Deck Design” avoids this and will keep your lawn protected no matter how fast you’re going, or how rough and undulating the surface is.

Convenience and versatility

simplicity regent lawn tractor consumer reviewsThe professional grade Briggs and Stratton engine comes with a single-switch, easy-start feature which I find to be rather convenient. It can get quite annoying when you have to constantly yank on a chain to get a mower started, and fortunately enough the Simplicity does away with that process altogether.

The mower has an amazingly smooth and quiet operation as well. It has a unique rear suspension design that offers 25% less impact felt than a standard mower model. It improves the rider’s comfort levels significantly and allows one to effortlessly tread over extremely bumpy terrain without a hitch.

The Regent Lawn Mower will also allow you to adjust the cutting height easily with just the press of a button. This feature allowed me to choose from 1.5 to 4 inches in cutting increments and helped me to customize the lawn in whichever way I wanted.

This cutting versatility is precisely what makes the Regent Lawn Mower perfect for both professional and domestic users.


As one of the latest models in the Simplicity line-up, the Regent Lawn Mower comes equipped with a new and improved 15” contoured seat which provides added comfort and deck seat stability.

And along with the stylish LED headlights, the mower allows me to work on the lawn for hours on end without tiring out and even work well into the night. The lights come extremely handy when I need to trim under low light conditions or even after dark.

The headlights are a must have for all lawn care professionals in my books and can be extremely reliable on rocky and bumpy terrain in low light conditions.

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Where does the Simplicity Regent Lawn Mower fail to impress?

When it comes to the flaws, the Simplicity Regent Lawn Mower falls short of expectations when it comes to:


simplicity lawn tractor reviewsFor me, the Simplicity Regent Lawn Mower has some issues when it comes to durability. After about 200 hours of use, the brushings of both the front wheels started to show signs of wear, and I needed to replace them. And the bracket of the deck snapped right after, and I needed to replace that as well.

Bad Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is not as good as I would have liked, and I needed to periodically fill the tank on long trimming jobs.

Questions I get asked frequently

simplicity riding mower reviewsHow many blades are there in the mower?

the Regent Lawn Mower comes with a 3 blade cutting system which allows the mower to go through the toughest of vegetation, even Florida grass.

Does the mower have a stamped or fabricated deck?

The Simplicity comes with a fabricated deck, which means that it’s heavier than the stamped deck and is specifically equipped for heavy-duty use because of the squared edges.


  • The unique deck system helps the mower travel over all types of lawns
  • Powerful engine cut through the thickest of vegetation
  • Comfortable and vibration free deck seat
  • LED headlights allow trimming in low light conditions


  • Build not as durable as I would have liked
  • Consumes a lot of fuel when in use

Simplicity Broadmoor Reviews 2020: Why do I recommend it?

simplicity broadmoor reviewsWith a 23 HP Briggs Pro Series V-Twin engine and a high-back mesh seat, the Simplicity 2691337 Broadmoor Riding Mower Tractor promises its users both performance and comfort.

The engine keeps it powerful enough to make the toughest of mowing jobs feel like a breeze. If your yard supports an abundance of Florida grass which is the toughest grass strain in the US, then fear not, for this mower will go through them as if they were made of paper.

For me, perhaps the best feature of the mower is the free-floating deck. It’s quite a unique and trademarked design concept from Simplicity, where the mower allows the deck to follow the various contours of the lawn very easily.

This allows for a scalp-free cut near the bumpy edges, while the full-width rear rollers allow for a smooth finish akin to that of ballpark lawn stripes.

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simplicity broadmoor lawn tractor reviewsThe deck cockpit is very comfortable as well. The dash of the mower contains everything you need at arms reach – whether it is the clock, the hour monitor, the height of cut adjustment, or even the easy to use push-button start, everything is housed at the same place.

The high-backed mesh seat will provide you with optimal lumbar support, making the ride as comfortable as possible, so you don’t wear out as quickly if you have to work for longer hours.

Moreover, the suspension comfort system makes the ride even more enjoyable and provides 25% less impact than what a standard tractor would. You are not going to feel a single vibration even if you’re going over the bumpiest of terrain.

However, when it comes to supporting accessories, this mower tractor model disappoints. The accessories that you can tow along with it are rather limited in range, and you may have to invest separately on specific installations if you wish to make them viable.


  • The powerful engine makes quick work of tough lawn mowing jobs
  • Floating deck system allows the mower to go over bumpy, uneven terrain very easily
  • The comfortable cockpit contains all the controls for convenient operations
  • Rear rollers will be able to provide a very even trim on every use


  • I find the mower’s versatility to be a bit lacking
  • Accessory compatibility is somewhat disappointing

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a powerful yet versatile lawn mower that can easily tread over the rough and bumpy terrain of your garden, then the Simplicity riding mowers might just be what you’re searching for. They are exceedingly comfortable and easy to use and fits pros and amateurs alike.

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