Yardbeast 3514 – 429cc 14hp 3.5″ Wood Chipper Review

This wood chipper is a product by Yardbeast, and the name of the model is the Yardbeast 3514. This wood chipper has a very professional appearance, and as we look at it, it comes in a nice, light green color.

Yardbeast has been known for providing high-quality machinery to its users since a long time ago. It is manufactured in a way that it can be attached to larger vehicles, e.g. trucks, and transported to other areas without too much hassle. It is manufactured in a way that its body is made extremely strong, therefore resistant to any kind of damages that can further put repairing charges on the user, which are never pretty.

The whole chipper has a weight of 320 lbs, so that it can easily withstand heavy load, and comes with a 2-year warranty. The dimensions of the wood chipper are 44 x 29 x 54 inches. The chipping power in this chipper is efficiently maintained with the help of the heavy, 50 lb rotor. The most important component of the chipper is, without a doubt, the best of all as the engine is a powerful 14 hp, 429cc Subaru® EX40, which comes with an unbelievable 5-year warranty as a proof that the engine gives the best possible performance that you can expect from a chipper. The more power provided the faster and the more efficient the chipper works.

We decided to buy this wood chipper after going through a long list of loads of wood chippers available in the market. We were surprised how it claimed to hop branches with a diameter of up to 3.5”! The heavy-duty NORAM and the Subaru® as a combination can be the best combination to exist, as both of them together can provide the chipper with nonstop power supply and thus, can enable it to chip the wood branches in a fine way very easily. Though this way, we were even more convinced, as this seemed to be the best option for the heavy load of work we had to do every day.

After reading reviews from a lot of happy costumers, we, at last, ordered it. We definitely weren’t surprised that when it came in, it seemed to have everything that the manufacturer had claimed. When talking about the body, it had an amazingly fine finish, as it was fully fabricated with tough, high gauge steel, and it was powder coated as well. Just looking at it would give a person an idea about how good it would work when it comes to loads of work that needs to be done.

Another plus was that the shipping was provided free over where we lived, just as they had guaranteed to provide free shipping to 48 lower states. As if this wasn’t enough to have already impressed us, we were even more delighted to find a full-fledged safety kit that came with the whole package. The safety kit included safety lens, gloves, and ear plugs. We had known it would go well even before the work had started. The next day, we tested how it worked, and the first thing we did was attach it to our tractor.

It went very well, as attaching it was not a big hassle at all. When working on shrubs and small branches, we were amazed by the quality product that it provided us with. The chipped wood had a beautiful, fine texture, and was very finely chipped. As claimed, it proved to work well as we gradually increased the diameter of the branches we used to 3.5”.

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But it was obviously a con that it couldn’t chip any branches with a diameter more than that. The opening was too small, thus we had to initially chop up the branches into smaller pieces until they fit into the chipper. It did consume a lot of time, nearly double to what it would have been if the opening would’ve been bigger, but it can always work if you just chop the branches in half and make it work!

As we progressed on, we noticed that the rotors worked reasonably well. The blades were quite sharp and thus, they did their work fast and the product we got was totally mind-blowing. But when it came to putting in thicker barks, it always took a lot of time while the chipping process went on. Although it is totally understandable that the thicker branches put a heavy load on the motor, it would’ve made the chipper flawless if it took a little lesser time for the chipping.

Its fuel system was run by Carbureted float, which proved to be highly convenient for us. As promised, the engine performed just as fine as the manufacturers had claimed in the first place. The Manual that was included in the packaging was also very helpful, as it helped us to get to know the right way to operate the chipper.

After getting to know the wood chipper well, we started off on clearing a 20-acre area, and it worked so smooth that we were more than amazed. The only issue was, again, the slow chipping of the branches, and also the small opening caused a lot of branches getting stuck in the opening, so we had to pull those branches out so that the chipper could start processing again. But on the brighter side, this chipper is very easy to clean, as the blades/rotors can be easily removed or replaced, and then washed thoroughly without any fuss.

Here is a video of the wood chipper in action:

Although we didn’t need the chipped up wood/product for any use, it looked definitely eligible to be sent to industries for paper making, or even in the manufacture of floorboards. This wood chipper by Yardbeast is honestly recommended to everyone out there who had been stressing and trying to find wood chipper which would be suitable for performing several heavy duty tasks. It worked in the best way possible for us; we guarantee it would be just as useful to you!

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