Dirty Hand Tools 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical 196cc Kohler SH265 Engine Review

Choosing a log splitter can be one tricky job because there are so many options available in the market and you just have no idea what to pick. Well, your dilemma should be over by now because I recommend the Dirty Hand Tools 100171 log splitter. Dirty Hand Tools produce quality power equipment, and this is why this log splitter is worth consideration. Moreover, this log splitter is a heavy duty tool and is quite affordable as well. To know more read all the details in this review.

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Key features of 100171 log splitter

Offers a powerful Kohler SH265 engine

This 22-ton splitter has Kohler SH265 engine, and this engine is gas powered. The best part is that this engine can easily deliver 6.5 horsepower. This power is enough for splitting any log successfully. You can even split knotty wood pieces or twisted pieces of oak using this model, and these are the pieces that are impossible to split by the hand. Moreover, you will not find it a problem to start the engine. It just takes about 2 to 3 pulls to start the engine in case the engine is cold. However, if the engine is warm, then it will start off right away without a problem.

Durable pump available

This splitter offers a superior quality two stage 13 GMP pump that will surely add up to a great wood splitting experience.

Superior quality hydraulic ram

Another aspect that is worth appreciating about this model is that the hydraulic ram is the quite heavy duty and strong. All the hoses are quite secure as well because they are protected using the wire wrap. This is why the falling logs cannot puncture the hose.

Has a built-in log cradle

What you will love about this tool is that you can get your hands on a log cradle as well. This cradle is ideal for holding the logs that need to be split. The cradle has got a log catcher as well that holds the logs. This way you will be saved from the agony of lifting the wood pieces. A tape measuring sticker is also attached to the side of the cradle, and this is why it becomes much easier for you to measure the logs. This means if you find a wood piece to be too long, then you can trim it off.

Auto-return feature available

You can also get hold of an auto-return feature when you opt for 100171 model. Moreover, this model offers an adjustable detent. Hitting the lever becomes quite convenient because of this feature. Once the lever is hit, the wedge can return to its original position with ease. Moreover, you are bound to get impressed by the quick cycling time of this log splitter. The cycling time is about 10.9 seconds. When you get back with another piece of wood, the splitter will surely be ready to go.

Flips to the vertical splitting position with ease

You will not find it a problem to flip this model in the vertical splitting position. The reason is that a special pin is available for this purpose. You can pull the pin to flip the position of the 100171 splitters.

Tows easily

You will not find it a problem to tow this wood splitter as well. It offers safety chains and two-inch coupler as well. This is why attaching to hitch assemblies become much easier this way. The truth is that 100171 model is heavy. However, a handle is located near the receiver. This is why it becomes much easier to lift this splitter without a problem.

Provides some accessories

When you opt for this splitter, then you can get hold of many additional accessories as well. These include stroke reducer, log table, storage cover, fenders and 4-way wedge. You will also get hydraulic fluid and engine oil with this splitter.

Convenient assembling

The best part is that you will not find it troublesome to assemble 100171 model.

Things you need to take care of when you use this splitter

Well, you will obviously want your splitter to last for a long time. Well, this is only possible if you are vigilant regarding the condition of your machine. Make sure that you check out regularly if there is a hydraulic liquid leakage. Simply place a cardboard under the damaged area, and you will know for sure if there is any leakage.

Make it your habit to clean your splitter on a regular basis. This will help to remove any debris or oil grease from the splitter. Always remember that the machine is turned off when you are managing the cleaning.

You should also check if 100171 model has any worn out parts that need replacement. It is also important that you log splitter should be placed in a dry place. What you should do is get hold of a waterproof tarp. This way you can provide adequate protection to your splitter without a problem.

You also need to be skilled when you add the hydraulic liquid. You should make sure that extra air should be removed from the cylinder. All the measures will eventually extend the life of your splitter, so you need to follow this maintenance measure to the core.


  • 100171 model has a quiet engine
  • This model has a four-way blade that makes the splitting faster.
  • This splitter has a durable design and will last for a long time to come.
  • It is also quite simple to operate 100171 splitters.


  • The blade guards bend easily, so the manufacturer will have to work upon removing this flaw.

dirty hand tools log splitter reviews


100171 model is a smart purchase in my opinion. You should compare this model with others available in the market, and you will realize that this splitter does have its edge over other models. However, I am of the opinion that you should spend some time exploring this tool to gain the maximum benefit. Make sure you do buy this tool, and you will not have any regrets.

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