Toro Stump Grinder Model 22602 Review

toro stump grinder review

Nothing is worse than looking out your window at your beautiful lawn only to see a big ugly stump staring back at you. Now, you could go out into the yard with an axe or a pick and try to rip the stump out by hand but this is likely to cause you a large amount of pain, not to mention the time it will take you to get the stump out. An easy solution to this problem is to rent or buy the Toro Stump Grinder model 22602. This stump grinder is small, lightweight and packs enough punch to help you get rid of those stumps that you would have otherwise had to dig out by hand. This machine will save you lots of time and lots of backbreaking work because it is light, powerful and efficient.

This stump grinder is small enough to fit into tight spaces like beside the house or in between other trees but powerful enough to remove any stump that you need to get rid of. Because it is lightweight, this stump grinder is perfect for residential use because it is easy for the operator to use it without straining themselves with big heavy machinery. The Toro Stump Grinder model 22602 weighs only 240 pounds, which may sound like a lot, but it is extremely lightweight when compared to most commercial stump grinders.

Here is a chart denoting the specs of the Toro Stump Grinder model 22602:

Engine Honda GX390
Clutch Centrifugal
Wheel 9.5″ (24.3 cm) diameter
Cutter Depth 11″ (28 cm) below grade
Cutter Height 14″ (36 cm) above grade
Belt Double 3V Belt
Dimensions 30″ x 76″ x 42″ (75 cm x 193 cm x 107 cm)
Weight 240 lbs

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Additionally, its relatively small dimensions (30” x 76” x 42”) mean that it is easy as ever to store in a garden shed, or a garage, without taking up too much space, so it is a perfect choice for homeowners. It is also a great choice for business owners who are looking for a lightweight, durable machine that they can have in their work truck to be used on the job, as it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space and it is light enough to be loaded and unloaded without too much effort.


Heavy Duty Centrifugal Clutch

The Toro stump grinder is equipped with a Honda GX 390 engine paired with a centrifugal clutch, providing the operator with more than enough power to grind through even the toughest stumps. The centrifugal clutch delivers a steady stream of power to the double 3V belt drive which powers the grinding wheel. This means that users don’t have to use very much of their own force in order for the machine to work optimally. You can rely on the machine not to stall or come to a dead stop while grinding stumps because it merely powers through any knots or tough spots and continues on.

Rubber Gaskets For Less Operator Vibration

A very helpful feature of this stump grinder is that there are rubber gaskets between the handle and frame of the machine. This reduces the amount of vibration that the operator is exposed to which means that they will not become as fatigued while they are working on trying to grind out a stump. This is a feature that you don’t often see on stump grinders because the vibration is rarely taken into account, but it does affect the operator. The placement of these rubber gaskets makes the job of stump grinding so much more convenient, especially if you are grinding stumps for a prolonged period of time. Another feature that contributes greatly to this machines ease of use is the knobby tires that it comes with. These tires give you as much control as possible, allowing you to push it down into the dirt and hold it in place. This is absolutely great when you’re working with dangerous machinery, as you want all the control you can get.

Quadrablade Design For Easy Replacement of Teeth

Another helpful feature that is exclusive to this brand of stump grinders is the carbide tipped “quadrablade”. This blade has four sets of razor sharp teeth that are designed to sheer through the wood in order to chip it into mulch, as opposed to grinding it. This makes the job much easier for the operator because you don’t have the same impact as you would when the grinder is ripping violently at the wood as you do when it is cutting through it like butter. The cutting wheel on this grinder is 9.5 inches in diameter. The cutter depth will allow you to cut up to 11 inches below the ground and 14 inches above the ground. This gives the user quite a fair range as to how high or low they can go in order to remove stumps from any given area. It also allows for a person to not only remove the stump of a tree but most of the roots near the surface as well. This works great if you are removing the stump because you won’t have the root sitting just below the surface to get into your way.

The Toro stump grinder is an awesome tool to have regardless of whether you are just a homeowner looking to make your yard look nicer, a business owner who is being paid to remove stumps from homeowners yards, or a farmer looking to expand the land you have that is usable for crop planting. This stump grinder will help you get the job done no matter what it is. It’s light enough to take with you to a job site, and heavy duty enough to get rid of the toughest, most annoying stumps. On top of all that, it is small enough to get into spots that no other stump grinder can access and light enough that you won’t be left sore and in pain at the end of your day. This piece of machinery is perfect for any person who is looking for a lightweight, heavy-duty machine that will help to get the job done right.

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