NorthStar Compact Stump Grinder (160cc Honda GX160 Engine) Review


The North Star Compact Stump Grinder is the best machine that you can use to remove unwanted tree stumps without straining any muscles, putting your back out of place or dislocating any body joints. You will not strain your neck, hurt your knees or twist an ankle. You definitely will not risk bloody fingers and scraped hands, and the worst that may happen is you get a little sunburned. You will also not break the bank.


The NorthStar Compact Stump Grinder gets rid of tree stumps quickly and efficiently. It has a superior-grade Honda GX engine and comes with teeth that are carbide-tipped. It allows anyone who uses it to do a professional job, seamlessly and efficiently.  You are able to use it if and when you want to, without having to wait for a tree grinding service to come out and help you.

Who should use the North Star Compact Stump Grinder?

Anyone who wants to remove tree stumps quickly and easily, without calling in a large industrial company.

Anybody who needs to remove tree stumps from 10 inches above grade to 9 inches below grade.

Anybody who has more than one stump to remove, or would like to assist people in the vicinity with their tree stumps.

It is recommended for people who are proficient at handling power tools, but do not have to be experienced or expert.

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The NorthStar® Compact Stump Grinder is an extremely portable unit that can quickly and very efficiently get rid of tree stumps, entirely. It boasts of a high-grade Honda GX engine and comes with carbide-tipped teeth that ensure longevity of the unit and allow anyone to do a thorough professional job.

The North Star compact stump grinder is not a large machine, and it is in fact portable. That is the beauty of it. It is very easy to put in the bonnet of a motor vehicle or even on the back seat of a small vehicle, and is not difficult to cart or carry around. You do not have to own a pick up truck and do not need one as the machine fits into any small van without any issue.

The size is so good that it can fit through any garden gate, go along a thin garden path or even be raised over a garden fence. Industrial stump grinders are large and bulky to transport, as well as being massively expensive and very noisy. This compact machine may not be as powerful as an industrial grinder but it is certainly easier to maneuver around and it certainly does the job.

This machine packs a punch. It quickly removes tree stumps and it is seamless work. It has a 1600cc Honda GX 160 engine, which is reliable and dependable. It is surprisingly strong and works well without strain.

The North Star Compact Stump Grinder puts its Honda power to good use. The whole machine is tried and tested and has passed all the tests that North Star are so good at doing. It has maximum capabilities (do not go over the recommended size of stumps) but that is as it should be.

Research has shown that the cuttings from the stump, the sawdust, and the debris go sideways. With many of these machines the dust and debris can fly all around and get in your eyes; with this one it does not. That means you can go forward easily and with good clear vision.

At no time do you need to stop working to clear a space, or to wipe out and clean your eyes. You can work for a long time without having to stop, clean up, examine and start again. It is an easy to use machine and does not require much skill.

It can get frustrating sometimes using smaller machines that don’t have that much horsepower. This is not a frustrating machine. It has good drive and is easy to balance. It lets off the sounds of a low vibration, especially quiet when idle.

The machine folds up with the handles folding over, making it easy to carry and transport.

There is good support from the supplier, NorthStar, if needed, and the staff are helpful, well trained and able to answer any questions. They can clarify even the most complicated thing, in a simple and professional manner. There will always be somebody to take your calls and assist you.

These stump grinders last for a long time. If needed, spare parts are available from the Manufacturers.

The machine comes with a set of very hardy gloves, which are there to protect your hands. The gloves can be used for any other hardy outdoor work too.

The machine is built efficiently with a long life, but just in case something goes wrong it does come with a two-year warranty. NorthStar does excellent testing and research on their machines and also boasts of an excellent reputation. They have put all their machines to the test and they only sell tried and tested products.

The machine is well priced, especially compared to the large industrial size tree stump grinders and is a good investment.

It is easy to store.



The NorthStar compact steel grinder does have limits. It can only remove tree stumps from 10 inches above grade to 9 inches below grade. If the tree stumps you want to remove are larger or deeper than this, you will need an industrial style grinder, like NorthStar Stump Grinder (390cc Honda GX390 Engine).

The machine can be noisy but to be honest, all building machinery can be noisy. Warn the people in the immediate vicinity that you will be working outdoors with machinery for a while and they will appreciate the warning. Remember too, the machine is relatively quiet when idle.



This is an excellent machine to remove tree stumps within a certain size. It is compact, easy to use, well-made, strong, hardy, and hence is a very good investment. There have been many happy, satisfied and most importantly, successful customers.